Present a 25th Wedding Anniversary Ring to Your Spouse

Posted on August 17, 2016, 9:27 am
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Do you want to step into a new part of your life by getting married? Or you are going to celebrate your wedding anniversary? No matter what is the special occasion of your life, a fine piece of jewelry always marks the celebration with memorable moments of your life. After some 5 or 10 years, most couples like celebrating their wedding anniversaries by exchanging special rings. The wedding anniversary rings are usually embellished with precious stones. Though there are nothing like set rules, you can always pick a ring that suits her personal style.

For a marriage celebration, a spectacular piece of wedding ring is definitely a must-have that symbolizes the beginning of a new life. Wedding anniversary rings are relished for life long, just like the companionship and love of your union. To really surprise your spouse, present a ring on an anniversary that is definite to be a welcome surprise.

Importance of wedding anniversary rings

Wedding anniversary rings form the significant part of the life that the couple starts together. Especially, the 25th wedding anniversary rings are regarded with special attention as it highlights the love life that the couples had together till the 25th year and the remaining life that they are going to spend together with unending love. Wedding anniversary rings also form the most precious gifts for the spouse and will certainly assist them gain trust and patience in each other. There is no other better way to prove their love than a spectacular piece of jewelry they can put on for more years to come.


Buying a perfect piece of 25th wedding anniversary ring

The 25th wedding anniversary is called a silver wedding anniversary. Both the modern and traditional gifts are offered on this special day are silver. Moreover, this milestone anniversary also observes a quarter of century living together as a lovely married couple. For 25th wedding anniversary, people usually host a party for celebrating the occasion involving receiving gifts from friends and family and also between husband and wife themselves. Wedding anniversary ring is shared to represent the brilliance and radiance of marriage.


While buying an elegant 25th wedding anniversary rings, you need to stay as knowledgeable and informed as possible. It is no doubt that most women love wearing jewelry, but they all have varying tastes. Over the course of years, you will study exactly what your lovable person prefers and also what not is much preferable.

A great beginning to pick the right piece of wedding anniversary ring is browsing the collection online. This will absolutely offer a baseline as to what colors and style she desires wearing. The other great point to ensure that your woman is aware of how to clean and store her jewelry.


Though anniversary and weddings rings are the best way to deliver your love for each other over the years, there are many other ideas of gifts to consider. You can take your own time and find the perfect gift in the form of elegant 25th wedding anniversary rings. This will better strengthen the bond that you share between each other and also add spice to your marriage life that can be kept healthy and grow further in the years to come.

To put it in simple words, wedding anniversary rings are those jewel pieces that are offered as a present during anniversary of the couple. The gem and jewel industry, however, has forced certain guidelines for this kind of ring and it is something that couples must take not of while shopping for one.


Things to consider while buying wedding anniversary ring

The first ting to bear in mind is whether you need the anniversary ring to be of the same style as the engagement and wedding rings. The benefit of coordinating rings is that you can able to wear them in the same finger. Usually, when a woman has simple wedding ring, the couple chooses for anniversary ring with more embellishment.


If your wedding ring is featured with precious stones, then consider getting an anniversary ring in the same style, but featuring different gems, which could be the birth stones of your kids. When your rinds feature different gemstones, it is usually recommended putting on different fingers to get a complementary appearance.


If your wedding ring is of white gold eternity ring, you could pick an eternity ring in yellow or rose gold as an wedding anniversary ring. However, you need to feel free to pick an anniversary ring in a complete distinct style than that of engagement rings and wedding rings. If your personal taste has developed more in the years from the time you have been married, this is a smart idea to pick a ring that represents where you are now, style-wise.


Different styles of wedding anniversary ring

When you are out to buy wedding anniversary ring, you are likely to come across a huge selection of designs and styles. The most common type of anniversary ring design is the one that has a row of diamonds or gems on the top of ring. It is crafted in such a way that it greatly complements the real wedding ring. There are couples who like wearing eternity rings featuring stones that circle the finger, but a bit costly for more sophisticated motif. The 25th wedding anniversary rings with three stones are the popular options.


Choosing wedding anniversary rings with stones

Diamonds are regarded as the most prominent anniversary stones since they remain as a reminiscent of wedding rings and engagement rings. They can easily complement any anniversary ring. Couples must not be restricted to diamond only and they should widen their selection among any gem stones that is appealing to both of them. Couples may also consider incorporating their birthstones of significant months like the birthdays of the couples, their children birthday or the wedding month.


Stones are usually available in uniform size so that cannot be confused with engagement rings. Couples would also choose from 3 to 5 stones, based on the style and design of the ring. Moreover, stones must be placed in such a way that it is worn with other piece of jewelry like the wedding set. Princess, round and emerald are some of the common shapes that can be encountered in these designs.


Desirable metals for wedding anniversary rings

Your 25th wedding anniversary rings can be made of any precious metal like gold, white gold, titanium and platinum. Majority of the couples choose their wedding anniversary ring that match with the karat value and metal of their wedding rings.

Let’s have a look at some popular wedding anniversary ring with precious stones,


  • Miadora sterling silver diamond ring set

This glamorous ring set from Miadora collection is featured with filigree made diamond ring having a gorgeous stone studded contour wedding ring. This wedding ring is designed of sterling silver and enriched with a miligrain finish.

  • 2-stone diamond bypass ring in white gold

Celebrate your life cherishing every moment of your life with this wonderful ring. Designed in 14k white gold, the beautiful design of this ring is studded with precious stones, indicating both your loving commitment and friendship, lying side by side diagonally. The amazingly bypassing shank sparkles with small round accent diamonds and covers the center duo in a dazzling embrace. It is going to be an excellent metaphor for your passionate love story. This ring is captivated with diamond along with a bright polished shine.


  • Diamond contour ring in 14k white gold

Symbolic and sparkling, this 25th wedding anniversary ring excellently conveys your eternal love. Designed in 14k white gold, this ring is featured with shimmering diamonds and also fashioned with slight contour. Crafted to fit closely with two stone diamond ring, this band perfectly complement with a polished shine and the stones.


  • Finesque silver overlay diamond accent braided ring

This is a wonderful braided design with white and black diamond accents and gold or silver overlay that makes this incredible ring from finesque a fashionable addition to your jewelry collection. A more polished finish offers additional shine and you can get this ring is a gift box along with a red bow.

  • Suzy levian sterling silver diamond and sapphire eternity ring

You are really to make a bold impression with the stylish appeal of this suzy levian eternity ring. Designed with high-polish sterling silver that better complements the sparkling look of the gemstones, this 25th wedding anniversary ring has a lovely glow that can match your outfit. Featuring blue and white sapphire gemstones as well as a single cut round diamond, this anniversary ring has a colorful, vivid look that attracts attention.


If you are a husband offering a silver wedding anniversary gift to your spouse, then the most romantic and passionate gift would be a wedding anniversary ring. You can find a plenty of collection of luxurious and stunning wedding anniversary ring having the most exquisite design and creative styles that are sure to admire your spouse.