5 things to know about 3 Stone Engagement Rings before buy

Posted on August 21, 2016, 10:38 am
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Having said yes, you would have now started the planning of your wedding that is likely to be set off with the selection of a ring that not just announces your engagement to the whole world, but also represent your own style of romance for a lifetime of happiness. Showing the start of marriage preparations, you must consider certain things into mind while picking an engagement ring that you know will serve you better on your drive to opulent options and dazzling discovery.



The stone

What would appear to be an overwhelming search can shortly be narrowed when you know the right questions to check yourself? When you start with the choice of stone, ask yourself whether you are a traditionalist after the elegance, simplicity, integrity, innocence and harmony that diamond is known for or if your style and personality enable for the flair of color. Colored gemstones are considered to be less conventional and would prove to not more expensive option, however they are much softer then diamond.


The cut

When it comes to cut of you engagement ring, you are likely to come across different types. There is a host of shapes to cater to every engagement ring as well as its wearer, including pear, round, cushion, emerald, marquise or heart cut. However, whether you are drawn towards to the boldly brilliant princess cut or the timeless round brilliant, its geometric sense will be improved by its surroundings. Every cut shows off ideal attributes that makes the most of the properties of stones. The cut for 3 stone engagement rings shows off the elegance and perfectly catches the attention of the people if you wear it.


The style

Before looking into the particular settings and designs, it is a better ideal to give attention to your personal taste. Whether you prefer modern, classic or vintage styles? One of the highly significant pieces of jewelry you have ever own, do not be hesitant to take risk and opt for a little bolder than your typical style statement and make use of social media tools like pinterest to collect some valuable ideas. The greatest key to choosing your style of jewelry is what you relate to emotionally. The 3 stone engagement rings seem to be the most sought-after style preferred by many people.


The karatage

While looking at rings that are made in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, it is essential to take into account the karatage. 24 karat gold is regarded to be the purest form. 18 karat gold includes 75% of pure gold, 10 karat gold includes 41.6% of pure gold and 14 karat gold includes 58.5% of pure gold. 10 karat gold is the affordable and popular option that offers durability at value for the price of money to withstand scratching very easily. Karat, while referred to metals must not be confused with the carat of diamond that means the weight of diamond.


The setting

Deciding the setting for your suitable ring is all about choosing how you show off your most precious stones to their finest effect while portraying your personal style. The master piece of engagement rings, the solitaire is featured with single diamond set in the mount. It is pure, proud and demands attention, what the halo does, featuring a center diamond that is surrounded by full-cut, small diamonds to develop the illusion of a larger stone. The 3 stone engagement rings signify present, past and future with a bigger stone that is flanked by double pieces of smaller ones, a kind of poignant ring with meaning.


Shouldered solitaire designs provide additional sparkle to the classic solitaire as that is featured by accent stones in the upper parts of the band, usually from the middle point on the circumference of ring to the top of shoulder, where the ring meets main setting, whereas an invisible setting conceals the metalwork flanked by the stone setting to develop the look of a solid surface of gem stones. Decide what you want in terms of wearability from settings. Check whether the setting place closer or high to your finger? And what would you feel comfortable wearing.


There are as much engagement rings as there to-be-bride. Be true to your style and personality, however try to keep open mind, while choosing your ring since this small yet more significant piece of jewelry indicates commitment, loyalty and above everything love.

Diamond engagement ring

A classic engagement ring is made of two different parts, including a setting and a diamond. It is understood that a woman focuses more on the ring and show less focus on the diamond itself. However, it is believed that your value is shown by ensuring that you do not allow the cost of ring surpass your complete budget. In case of 3 stone engagement rings, you will have three stones embedded on the ring, yet with the considerable cost that you can afford.


In the long run, it is going to be your diamond that remains with the retained value. A ring can be upgraded always, but a best quality diamond tends to withstand the test of time and also not get depreciated. Thus, try to get proper balance always on your budget between finding the best quality diamond and the ring. By this, way you would not be sorry.


Preferable budget for engagement ring

Getting engaged is an emotional event and your purchase should last a lifetime. You must not spend more than what you can afford for comfortably. No matter, the amount of your budget, your important consideration must be value and quality. You should also decide on the right mix of quality and diamond size, hence you are certain to pick the perfect ring. You should feel free to begin by choosing a diamond. You can always choose the right setting, however the diamond is where you are going to spend the most of your money, thus search for the right diamond.


Distinct styles of engagement ring

While selecting a ring, whether you wish your proposal to be a surprise or want her to be involved in the decision, you need to make some important decisions,

Find a perfect style for you

Engagement rings are available in myriad range of varieties. Let’s check at the four common styles of engagement rings

  • Solitaire settings

Solitaire setting is one of the highly popular settings of engagement ring. The center diamond is positioned by prongs in such a way that it catches most of the light. A ring with four prong setting exposes a bit more diamond, whereas a six prong setting assures a slight security advantage.


  • Settings having sidestones

A setting with gemstones or diamonds adds color or additional sparkle. Channel settings tend to protect the sidestones from abrasion by making them flush. Bar-channel setting enables more light to enter sidestones and develops a scalloped edge of brightness.

  • Three stone settings

For a classic engagement ring to be really unique, choose 3 stone engagement rings with three diamonds that are set in 3-stone settings. The 3 stone ring setting has one diamond for the future, one for the present and one for the past.


Exciting features of three stone engagement rings

The 3 stone engagement rings are the most sought-after style of engagement ring among the bride. It is popular because the style allows for personality and variety. The rings with 3 stone setting are really glamorous and instantly grab the attention of the viewers. With 3 stone settings, you are also allowed to change the sizes of the center and the side stones and the type of stones that the ring have.

The other reason why 3 stone engagement rings are more desirable is due to what they represent. Often symbolized as trilogy or trinity rings, they are meant for the relationship for the past, present and future-friendship, love and fidelity.


It is called as three stone engagement rings, since it is easy to vary the stones for a little lower price. If you want diamonds at the side and gemstone at the center, the ring you purchase will appear just as lovely as any other ring and would also be a better pick for your budget. In addition, if you choose 3 diamonds to total up to two carats of the overall weight, the price can be very less than a single 2 carat diamond solitaire.


If you wish the ring you purchase to have personality, symbolism and variety, always go for 3 stone engagement rings.

Why buy 3 stone engagement rings?

First, an engagement ring with three stones is an incredible way to compromise if you are not set on just single cut. Whether a round cut is flanked by half-moons, an oval is surrounded by trillions or 3- stately emerald cuts are kept in a row, there is a huge range of unique combinations you can have.


Along with styles and cut, you can also combine various colors of stones with diamond at center with two sapphires or the other way.

These triplets are also considered great brides who do not like the appeal of one big stone. Especially, for those in a tighter budget, having two little stones on the sides will catch the eye and the ring to appear larger.