925 Silver Ring Fashion for Different Styles

Posted on February 02, 2017, 5:36 am
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Fashion accessories are a big part of our daily style. This is especially true to those individuals who have found their own style preference. These fashion accessories include jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and rings. Out of all these jewelry, rings are items which are not immediately recognized. However, these fashion jewelry play a major role in various styles. Usually, these jewelry items are made of silver, gold, stainless steel, etc. They are then designed with intricate materials such as beads, gemstones, and what not in order to enhance their aesthetics. The 925 silver ring has become one of the most favored fashion accessory among others. This is because of the qualities that 925 silver jewelry attributes which other jewelry materials do not possess.

A 925 silver jewelry has been very popular because of the quality of the products. First of all, the jewelry produced by 925 silver is 92.5% pure silver. The remaining percentage is the metal used in order to sustain the strength of the product since silver is malleable. Nevertheless, you are given an absolute guarantee that 925 silver jewelry is pure. Furthermore, 925 silver jewelry products have designs which would absolutely fit any of your style preference and aesthetic value. Not to mention that silver jewelry items are very versatile which means that you can match it with any of your other jewelry products. Because of all these qualities, a 925 silver ring is a perfect choice for you!

On the other hand, there are different kinds of style. These different fashion styles will determine the right design of a 925 silver ring you should purchase, and the perfect way/s to wear it. The way we dress our hands actually determine each of our style preference/s. You might not notice it at first, however, you will be able to observe it once you learn more about these styles. Here are some of popular fashion styles out there:

Bohemian Style

A bohemian style can be confused with hipster because of their noticeable similarities when it comes to accessorizing. However, bohemian styles are more unconventional. People who prefer this style are usually those which do not conform with mainstream fashion. Indeed, their style absolutely stands out in the crowd and it is easy for other people to recognize this style. When it comes to fashion rings, most of their designs are also unique and absolutely gorgeous. Bohemian style usually fills all their finger with rings. Their ring designs also vary from size and shapes and have intricate details.

Classic Style

A classic style is the kind which sticks to rings with vintage designs. This style believes that anything classic will never go out of style – which is actually true. If you prefer this kind of fashion, you are one of those who look for rings designed with gemstones, enamel, and other intricate materials which results to a vintage but modern look. Unlike the bohemian or hipster styles, this kind of fashion do not stack rings on their fingers. Instead, they wear two different designs of rings at most.

Hipster Style

Similar with bohemian style, hipsters also stack their rings in their fingers. Although it is not necessary to actually fill in all of your fingers. However, the difference between the two can be seen with the designs of their accessories. Usually, rings designed with big gems are seen on a hipster’s fingers. You can also observe figures such as a crescent moon, wings, or a skull. The big difference of a hipster style from a bohemian style is that they are always keenly interested with the latest trend in fashion.

Trendy Style

People who opt for something trendy will never actually have to struggle looking for ring designs. There are already a lot of new designs of rings which jewelry makers believe to be on trend. Most individuals who are trendy are teens and are part of the new generation. The designs of this rings go from various figures such as dolphins, crowns, flowers, etc. You can wear these rings casually on one hand or two.