925 Sterling Silver Alphabet Pendants

Posted on March 31, 2010, 4:51 am
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Some pendants feature a letter of the alphabet. These pendants are typically used as initials for the first name.

Made from 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry, these inspired sterling silver
alphabetical pendants dangling elegantly from your chain with a
brilliant round cut shape. We have a fabulous set of alphabet pendant
designs to suit your name and your personality. Every piece is a
Celebration Forever!

Alphabet pendants attached to chain has become the latest fashion
trend. They are attractive and easy-to-wear At kamarsilver.com, the
alphabet pendants are accented with cubic zircon for eye-catching
sparkle. Sparkling Alphabet Pendant Necklace Letter A – Z with large
and small alphabet charm offers high quality. Kamarsilver.com modern
and trending alphabet pendant is the perfect personal touch and rare to

Our sparkling 925 Sterling Silver on Cubic Zirconium with the initial
alphabet of ” S ” has 4 sparkling Cubic Zircon Stone with just a
pendant weight of 3.2 grams and is at a low cost price when compared to
any of the local store. The 925 Sterling Silver on Cubic Zircon Initial
“R” also has a 4 sparkling CZ stone with the finest quality weighing
3.6 grams.

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