925 Sterling Silver Bangle Sale

Posted on December 05, 2010, 4:24 pm
17 secs

We give a good offer with a great quality! Why? Because we care.  We know what you desire and your expectations from us should fulfill your needs. Kamarsilver.com respects this and always gets you a PURE quality of 925 sterling silver.


Today, we have an exquisite cz bangle in a 925 sterling silver material in different shapes and styles. All of them is in a prong setting.




We have a limited collection of it and its a wonderful time to have this kind of piece! An exclusive piece which will be delivered to your home or work. A great gift to your loved one and a good treat to yourself too!

Therefore, your wrist in a little shimmer with this fashionable white and black crystal bangle from our fabulous store at Kamarsilver.com

The thick crafted and beautifully polished bangle is a perfect crystal bangle which  brings new life to your look.