925 Sterling Silver Champagne , White CZ Bracelet

Posted on March 31, 2010, 4:04 am
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Our large selection of 925 sterling silver bracelets consists of many styles from 925 sterling silver Champagne and White CZ Bracelet, 925 sterling silver with Rhodium Plated and 925 sterling silver Lavender and White CZ Bracelet.

The 925 sterling silver Lavender and White CZ Bracelet is the latest arrival of our bracelet collection and consists with 6 pieces of Lavender with 96 pieces of White Cubic Zirconia Stones and measures 7 inches long and weighs 13.50 grams.

925 sterling silver Champagne and White CZ Bracelet with 6 pieces of Champagne and 96 pieces of White CZ Stones, weighing 14.50 grams.