925 Sterling Silver with Marcasite Jewelry

Posted on August 30, 2010, 4:52 am
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Exclusive Collections of Marcasite with 925 Sterling Silver jewelry including Rings,Earrings,Sets,Bracelets,Brooches and Bangles are available in KamarSilver .

You’ve heard of fool’s gold. Marcasite is the white form of fools gold. Originally the name marcasite was given by mineralogists to an unstable form of iron sulphide crystallizing in the rhomibic system, but the marcasite found in jewelry today is crystallized in the cubic system. It was especially fashionable in Victorian times. Jewelers usually describe marcasite as a bronze color, its designs usually resembling an “Art Deco” period. You’ll generally see marcasite jewelry shining with a vintage estate look.

Taking Care and Cleaning Marcasite :

  • Often,Marcasite is secured in its setting with jeweler’s cement and because of this,it may require special cleaning

  • Wipe gently with a soft and clean damp cloth
  • Dry with a clean,soft and absorbent cloth
  • Use a towel to ensure that the piece is entirely dry


  • Don’t Use a steamer,hot water or sonic cleaner
  • Don’t expose to chemicals or cleaning agents
  • Don’t expose to extreme heat
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