925 Sterling Silver Information Everybody Wants to Know

Posted on December 05, 2016, 1:47 pm
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Sterling silver is a material used to create different products. Among the various products that sterling silver produce, jewelry items are the most popular to the consumers. In fact, there is a specific type of sterling silver jewelry which a lot of people adore. This type is called the 925 sterling silver jewelry. Many people are very curious about this kind of jewelry piece. One of the most popular question raised by the people is “what is 925 sterling silver?”. Find out more of your favorite sterling silver material and let us appreciate this precious jewelry material even more!


Sterling silver has become one of the most popular precious materials because of its noticeable beauty and versatility. This precious material can be made for making jewelry items, decoration pieces, various utensils, pieces of equipment, etc. However, pure silver is very malleable in nature. Its malleability makes it very easy to suffer from any possible kinds of damage. This is where other metals are mixed with sterling silver in order for the product to become sturdy. The most commonly used metal to mix with silver is copper. The metal copper assures that a silver product is strong enough to be used by consumers.


This is where the 925 sterling silver got its name. As mentioned above, other metals are used in creating silver products in order for it to become solid. However, the manufacturers of sterling silver, especially those who create sterling silver jewelry, have to make sure that their product consists of pure silver. Thus, there is a percentage of 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% copper. The longevity of the product created by these metals depend on the process or method used by the craftsmen. However, there are also other metals and combination of materials, other than copper, which can be mixed with silver to assure the firmness of the silver product.


Alloys are examples of other metals and/or materials which can be mixed with silver in order to create a useful product. But, copper is very much preferred by manufacturers because it is less expensive and the refining techniques have evolved throughout the years. Adding copper to silver had allowed the craftsmen to create a highly reliable product. One of the most successful product ever produced by the mixture of silver and copper are the jewelry pieces which are very much adored by the consumers. Jewelry pieces such as silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver pendants, silver bracelets, and silver rings are now very popular and well-received by the people.


It can never be denied that the jewelry items made of materials such as 925 sterling silver, and copper, added with precious materials (e.g., gemstones, beads, etc.) for aesthetics purposes, have caught the eye and the hearts of the masses. Knowing bits of information about this material would allow us to appreciate these products even more. Moreover, the brilliance and elegance that these sterling silver jewelry products have are added factors as to the reason behind its popularity.

If you are planning to purchase jewelry items made of these materials, doubt no more, because these items are crafted with definite high quality, good aesthetics, and are sold in a very reasonable price. Go ahead, and buy one now!