Amazing and Affordable Ideas to Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Posted on September 29, 2016, 6:04 am
4 mins

Sterling silver jewelry are now very popular to people who loves to buy these items because of its radiance and beauty. Keeping its shine is something that the owners are really making sure of. Sometimes, we think it’s a hassle because it takes effort and money out of us. However, since we love to purchase sterling silver jewelry so much because of its astonishing look, cleaning these items are a responsibility that we dare not forget.


Some people seek professional care for their sterling silver jewelry in order to keep its brilliance, but, there are actually a thousand amazing, and crazy, but very reliable ideas on how you could affordably clean your sterling silver jewelry! Some of the materials used for keeping your jewelry looking brand new can actually be found in our household.


Here are a few ideas on how you could keep the beauty and luster of your sterling silver jewelry:

Baking soda and Water

Make a paste of baking soda and water. Use a clean cotton cloth and apply a small amount of the paste to your sterling silver jewelry and start polishing these items. For silver jewelry which are engraved, and/or very detailed, use a toothbrush and put a thin amount of the paste to the silver jewelry on running water. Dry your sterling silver jewelry with a clean cloth.

Hand Sanitizer

Squirt a few drops on a clean cotton cloth and start rubbing your sterling silver jewelry items. The hand sanitizer will help polish your favorite jewelry.

Olive oil and Lemon Juice

Mix a 1 teaspoon olive oil to a ½ cup of lemon juice in a large bowl. Soak a clean cotton cloth into the mixture. Wring it out to avoid dripping and start polishing your sterling silver jewelry items. Rinse it with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth.


It sounds really weird and unbelievable but ketchup helps to remove tarnish from your sterling silver jewelry. All you have to do is squirt a small amount of ketchup on a paper towel. Gently rub the paper towel with the tarnished areas of your sterling silver jewelry items. If your silver jewelry are not getting back its brilliance, let the ketchup sit for about 15 minutes then rub it gently and rinse it with warm water. Use a toothbrush to clean the gaps of your sterling silver jewelry if the items are delicately detailed.


Soap and Waterj8
A simple soap and water is also able to clean your favorite sterling silver jewelry items. Make sure to use a soap which is mild (ammonia and phosphate free). Pair the soap with warm water and pour it in a tub, then, start cleaning your sterling silver jewelry items.

Corn Starch and Water

If you do not have baking soda in your kitchen, you could also use a corn starch and put water in it to create a paste. Apply the paste with a damp clean cloth, let it dry, then start rubbing it gently off with something mildly rough. This should help you to make your sterling silver jewelry items look just as new!

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a ½ cup white vinegar. Soak your sterling silver jewelry in the mixture for two to three hours. Afterwards, rinse it with cold water and dry it thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth. This should help your sterling silver jewelry return its shine.