Various Anklet Designs to Glamorize Feet

Posted on October 12, 2016, 4:30 pm
6 mins

Jewelry on feet are now coming back on trend. It has been a common practice to wear a jewelry item on women’s feet in some other cultures and it somehow made its way to fashion because of the aesthetic that it gives to someone who wears these accessories. One of the most common jewelry item worn on feet or in the ankle area, rather, are anklets. Anklets have become a distinct fashion statement nowadays and have been very much adored and accepted by many people. The good thing about anklets is its flexibility and versatility when it comes on style. Anyone can pull it off and it comes with various designs. Check out the following anklets designs that we have covered in order for you to glamorize your feet!

Anklets made of Gemstones

Gemstones are one of the most adored material that jewelers pair up with any kind of jewelry. They have also been well-received by jewelry buyers as they represent characters and/or personalities to people who use them. Anklets can also be decorated with these precious gemstones that we are very much a fond of. One of the things that we love about gemstones is how it creates character to the wearer or sends a message about the wearer’s personality. Gemstones also represent birth stones which is why many people love wearing jewelry items decorated with these precious items.

Anklets made of Glass-like Beads

These type of anklet design is not like what is sounds. Glass anklets are not actually made of glass, rather, they are made of glass-like beads which gives a very perceivable look to anyone who wants to wear such anklet design. The glass beads provide a distinction of unique pieces cut in shapes and sizes of your choice. You could also mix and match these glass-like beads with other materials and/or bead designs to further accentuate the beauty of the glass anklet bead. This would totally grab attention especially if you match the color of the glass beads to the color of your outfit.

Hemp/Jute Anklets

Hemp and/or jute anklets are of different name and meaning but they are both similarly crafted anklet design. The only variation of these anklet designs are the way these jewelry items are called. These anklet designs are actually very trendy when in the world of fashion accessory. You can also find tutorials on how to make these kind of anklet design. Hemp/jute anklets can also be paired with beads and stones depending on your style preference. These anklet designs can actually give you a bohemian look if you are up to it.

Anklets made of Ivory

There are many anklet jewelry designs that are considered one of a kind. One of these anklet designs are those which are made of ivory. These ivory-made anklet designs are beautifully crafted from ivory. These anklet design had been very much accepted by women, especially the young ones, who are very much enthusiastic when it comes to wearing fashion accessories. Wearing ivory anklets gives an insightful outlook to the wearer’s outfit and style.

Anklets made of Shells

Generally, shell anklets are designed or associated with women instead of men. These anklet designs are sometimes created with plastic materials which form like shells. However, most of the time, they are made with beads and real small shells which you could wash, dry up, and use them as decorations for an anklet. Shell anklet designs are usually used by women who go to the beach and wants to look a bit fancier and a part of the sea. You should definitely try shell anklets out when you are going for a vacation on the beach! With this accessory, you will surely catch attention and definitely pull of a sea goddess look.

Anklets made of Plastic

If anyone of you wanted to buy a not-so expensive but very fashionable anklet jewelry, there is actually a variety of anklet design wherein this idea could be made possible. Anklets made of plastic have been very much a trend nowadays as this idea is very fresh to the people and is very flexible. Plastic-made anklets can be made with various colors and can also be matched with beads and other material for decorations.

Anklets made of Wooden Beads

One of the oldest but still very much on trend design of the anklet jewelry is the famous wooden beads anklet. These anklets are made with actual wood and are crafted into beads. The color of the wooden beads anklet are either natural or improvised during the process. The best thing about wooden-bead anklets is that it can both be worn by men and women. These anklets are actually very famous to a lot of people who are very much a fond of fashion accessories.