Aquamarine Engagement Rings – Go With 7 Best Designs

Posted on February 03, 2017, 12:40 pm
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Do you like to make your engagement quite marvelous? Wearing the aquamarine engagement rings on this special occasion might be a good choice to have the absolute style without any hassle. Of course, there are many number of engagement rings are available in the market but choosing the best among them would be quite excellent with extraordinary look. Aquamarine states “Water of the Sea” and this name has been originated in early 18th century during the Georgian era. Aquamarine gems are quite gorgeous acts as the beryl family of minerals that acts as the Emeralds. The Aquamarines comes in many


number of colors that ranges from dark blue-greens to palest blue. Wearing the aquamarine engagement rings would be a great option for enhancing the beauty in the absolute style with the larger size. Aquamarine is mined as Brazil as well as in many parts of the Africa and Asia as well as in the Colorado as the state of gemstone. Normally, the blue topaz and aquamarine could be easily mistaken for each other but the aquamarine is considered as more valuable these days due to its rare as well as natural color. However, the While Blue Topaz is produced with treating the colorless topaz using the Radiation.


History Of Aquamarine Rings:

Legend has its own take with the Aquamarine providing the good health and mental clarity. In fact it also protects the ring wearer against his or her foes in the litigation or battle.

  • Aquamarine captures excellent beauty of the sea so it would be quite amazing while wearing in the amazing style without any hassle.
  • Aquamarine is also referred as “Sailor’s Stone” as the ancient sailors who believed that this beautiful stone protects them from any kind of disaster from the sea.
  • In World War II, US Navy commissioned coastal patrol yacht that is called as the USS Aquamarine also named as the honor of gemstone along with the connection to ocean.
  • Beautiful looking aquamarine engagement rings bring you the beautiful and elegant look on this special occasion in the absolute style in excellence.
  • Queen Elizabeth II also likes to wear the famous aquamarine gemstones.
  • President of Brazil also presented Queen Elizabeth II with the most beautiful and elegant looking stunning aquamarine necklace at her coronation in the year 1953.
  • The Queen has also adorned with adding the beautiful aquamarine bracelet along with aquamarine tiara in her collections of the royal jewels.

Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring White Gold:

Discover the most stunning engagement rings with the pre-set ethically sourced aquamarines.

  • Emerald-cut aquamarine stone is centered in the beautiful aquamarine engagement rings giving the most awesome look with fantastic style without any hassle.
  • When you like to discover more number of beautiful and elegant looking aquamarine rings then it would be quite suitable for enjoying the high end benefits.
  • Crafted with the white Gold, awesome looking aquamarine ring shimmers high polish finish gives you awesome look.
  • The Aquamarine Ring is beautifully cut, with the setting is elegant as well as graceful sturdy so it is quite easier for getting the most beautiful look in the awesome way.

White Gold Pear Shaped Aquamarine Diamond Bridal Set:

  • Wearing the distinctive twist of traditional wedding set gives you the most beautiful look on this special occasion so it is much more easier for enabling the beautiful option.
  • The aquamarine engagement rings feature pear-shaped aquamarine with the subtle hint of blue creating the shimmering frame.
  • Aquamarine Rings are named for their ocean’s purest shades of blue so it is quite easier for getting the most awesome look with fantastic style without any hassle. White Gold Pear shaped Aquamarine
  • Bridal Set is alluring with the gorgeous centerpiece acting as more popular with giving the elegant look.

Aquamarine Stackable Band Ring:

  • The Aquamarine Stackable Band Ring features the most stunning and round aquamarine entwined.
  • With keeping the trendy traditional jewelry, the aquamarine engagement rings show off with the amazing polished gleam.
  • Of course, this beautiful white gold band features the majestic form with lustrous marquise diamond bud.

Oval-Cut Aquamarine White Topaz And Diamond Accent Halo Engagement Ring:

  • The nature-inspired Aquamarine ring features with the most beautiful Oval-cut aquamarine entwined with the White Topaz of precious metal.
  • The Diamond Accent Halo Engagement Ring is the best option for you to show your uniqueness on this special day in great style with complete confidence in the absolute way.
  • Bright blue of aquamarine gives the chic paired neutrals so that it is much gorgeous for getting the awesome look in the extensive way.

Sterling Silver Gemstone Birthstone 3-Stone Ring:

  • The trendy Gemstone Birthstone Ring showcases with the prolonged and beautiful gemstones representing with the birth month.
  • This is 3-stone gemstone that has been rafted with the highly polished sterling silver.

Michael Valitutti Palladium Silver Milky Aquamarine & Blue Sapphire Ring:

  • Wear your beautiful aquamarine engagement rings with a crisp black pencil skirt along with the little black dress with enjoying a beautiful look in the extraordinary way.
  • Engagement Ring features the oval milky aquamarine with accented round blue sapphire so that it has been crafted in the most beautiful options in the absolute way.
  • Crafted with palladium silver, beautifully constructed with embraced with highly polished finish ring shines gives you the most awesome look in the finest way.

Miadora Sterling Silver Aquamarine And Diamond Accent Heart Ring:

  • The Sterling Silver Aquamarine Diamond Accent Heart Ring features with the heart-cut subtle and shimmering surrounded by white round-cut diamonds.
  • The Diamond Accent Heart Ring are set with the most beautiful shining high-polish sterling silver bringing the most solitaire design so it is quite perfect for engagement ring.