Bangkok Sterling Silver Jewelry

Posted on May 04, 2010, 7:33 am
3 mins is located in the commercialized area of Bangkok and situated in South East Asia. offers a pure quality of 925 sterling silver wholesale jewellery. We are the silver jewelry distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.

Our store is known and reckoned as the largest online silver jewelry store in the collections of Silver real gem, designer inspired jewelry, high end jewelry, celebrity inspired jewelry, imitation jewelry, cameo jewelry and so on.

Bangkok Earrings is very popular.Our earrings is just based on designs where the jewelry lovers gets inspired by the collections. We have variety of choices. We have and give variety of choices.

Nothing is more important than earrings to change the beauty of the face!

We have the collections in hoops earrings wholesale, ear studs, hook earrings, chandelier earrings. Even in silver earrings and jewelry sets.

Hoop Earrings :
The 925 sterling silver hoop earrings wholesale in white cz with the weight of 7.4 grams and the earrings size of 12mm x 20 mm ( W X L)

Ear studs:
1. 925 silver stud earrings with amethyst in the weight of 7 grams with 34 pieces of stones and the size of 12mm x 20 ( W XL )
2. This 925 Sterling silver stud earrings is light weight of 0.90 grams and size of 10mm x 8mm [L X W ]

Chandelier Earrings:
~ The 925 sterling silver chandelier earrings in 3 different types

1. 925 sterling silver with cat’s eye chandelier earrings with the weight of 7 grams, size 12mm x 60mm ( W x L )
2. 925 Sterling Silver with stone bead chandelier earrings in 6.40 grams and size 15 x 75 mm ( W X L)
3. 925 Sterling silver with Turquoise chandelier earring with the weight of 3.60 grams and size of 15mm x 55mm ( W X L )

Hook Earrings
The silver earrings in the weight of 0.90 grams and size 10mm x 19mm [ L X W ]

Silver Earrings and Jewelry Set
1. The earrings size of 22m W x 39mm L and pendant size of 15mm W X 32 L. The weight of 17.10 grams with white cz stone
2. 925 silver on rhodium plated in the gem type of black and white cz pendant : 16mm W X 24mm L ; Earrings size : 9mm W x 11mm L and a prong setting in the weight of 8.90 grams

Bracelets – The 925 sterling silver lavender and white cz bracelet is the latest arrival of our bracelet collection and it consists of 6 pieces of lavender with 96 pieces of White Cubic Zirconia stones and measures 7 inches and weighs 13.50 grams.

Pendants – has selection of jewellery in variety of metal creations and we also feature exclusive designs and exotic patterns. is known not only for retail store but also for the wholesale store.

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