Bead Jewelry

Posted on March 31, 2010, 4:47 am
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Necklaces is a great way to start for a collection as a bead jewelry. Shop for the popular bead necklace at

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We have a variety of beaded necklace including natural fresh water pearl, real stone, hematite stone and sun stone bead . We guarantee that give the best price for bead necklace. Be unique, treat yourself to original, standout handmade jewelry designs by

Our Bead jewelry is a unique collection of bead necklace with natural fresh water pearl stone bead necklace with a real stone brooch and also a genuine fresh water pearl stone bead necklace. The Pearl Bead 10 mm, Necklace 20″ Long , Lemon Quartz 10 x 20mm ( W X L ) and Brooch Size of 52 x 25mm ( W X L ) and weighs 75.60 grams. also has a Genuine Fresh Water Pearl Stone Bead Necklace in 7mm and 8.2mm up to 15.5 inches long and weighs 28.5 Grams and 41.4 Grams.

The Sun-stone Stone Bead Necklace is a different collection from all and weighs 38.5 grams with the measurement of 36 inches – Long.

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