Black Onyx Gemstone Facts You Might Want to Know

Posted on December 27, 2016, 11:01 am
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Black onyx is a rare gem that has made its way to becoming one of the precious stones used to enhance the aesthetics of jewelry items. Its unique and mystical beauty has caught the attention of jewelry makers. It is especially magnificent with sterling silver jewelry because of the different effect of the two combined. The color of silver contrasts the color of the gemstone. The contrasts give silver jewelry items a striking appearance. Just like any other gemstone, black onyx represents a significant symbol and meaning. Thus, let us take a look at some of the believed symbols, meanings, history, and facts about this rare gem.

This gemstone is most commonly associated with rings. Although, you can also look for other various of jewelry item with this gem. Here are some facts about this one of a kind gemstone that you should be able to learn more. This should help you appreciate this gem even more.

Fact 1:

This gemstone is actually believe to transform negative energy. It is also a great help when an individual would like to avoid his/her personal energy to be wasted. People in ancient times also believe that this precious gem supports the development of a person’s emotion, physical strength, and stamina. Furthermore, this gemstone is believed to stimulate wise decision making. Moreover, this gemstone is believed to stimulate an individual’s personal chakra.

Fact 2:

This gemstone is believed to help you become the master of your own future. Black onyx gives an inspiration for happiness and good fortune to come. It is a stone which provides strength to a wearer. It further helps an individual to discipline one’s self. Aside from that, it has been believed that this precious gem comes in handy when a person needs healing of his/her past wounds and issues.

Fact 3:

Onyx comes from the Greek word “onux” which means fingernail or claw. This black gemstone is referred to as a grounding stone. This stone was used to create cameo jewelry. Earliest examples of onyx carvings can be found in Second Dynasty Egypt. It was believed that this gem keeps the wearer firmly grounded to reality. Furthermore, this stone protects the wearer from internal imbalances and negative energies from outside parties.

Fact 4:

This precious gemstone is assigned by the astrologers to two zodiacs namely Capricorn and Leo. For the zodiac Capricorn, this precious stone is believed to empower the zodiac through keeping it grounded from realizing its ambitions. For Leo, this gem helps in the zodiac’s self-control which makes an individual born with this sign to be more effective in his creative pursuits.

Fact 5:

You might wonder about the value of this rare gemstone. The price for this gem actually depends on whether you buy it when its jewelry made or when it is a loose stone or bead. Similar with other popular gemstones, this onyx is much more expensive when bought as a jewelry compared when buying it in loose stones or beads. Of course, the price of this rare gem increases depending on its quality.