Various Bracelets Symbolism that You Might Now Know

Posted on October 19, 2016, 6:56 am
5 mins

Bracelets are jewelry items which are often linked with fashion. Women and even men usually use bracelets to give more emphasis on their own personal styles. We use them as accessories without even being aware of the possible symbolism that these bracelets attribute. Apparently, bracelets just like other jewelry items acquire various meanings and/or symbolism depending on which kind are given or used by a person. A bracelet also has a significance on some other cultures as these jewelry items play a quite huge role in these cultures’ society. Let’s make ourselves aware with this kind of information as it could give us a deeper understanding on the jewelry items that we often use. Check out this compilation of the various symbolism of bracelets based on research.

Beaded Bracelet

A beaded bracelet is used by many individuals who believe that they get a certain kind of energy or luck when wearing one. This kind of bracelet goes with different colors depending on whichever you prefer. We usually use these kind of jewelry item designs as accessories matching other pearl jewelry or some of our jewelry items which are also decorated with beads without even knowing that these beads contain meanings. The meaning behind a beaded bracelet actually depends on the color of our choice. For example, if you are wearing a purple beaded bracelet, this means en enhancement in your creativity, it clears the wearer’s mind, and calms stress.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a favorite to wear among girls. It looks so preppy when someone uses it and it matches to any outfit you wear.. However, it also holds charming symbolism. Usually, a charm bracelet is decorated with different shapes of animals or things. These animals and things which are put in a bracelet are the ones which carry meanings. For instance, an anchor hanged on your bracelet, symbolizes a person’s character of being faithful, loyal, and grounded. Another example is a starfish hanged on your bracelet which, based on some people, is a reflection of the stars in the sky which are laying on the ocean floor.

Friendship Bracelet


One of the most popular purpose of giving a bracelet as a gift to other people is to use it as a symbol of your relationship to someone. This friendship bracelet is very famous, especially to teens, when it comes to securing people’s relationships with other individuals. These jewelry items give a certain significance to the bonds you make with other people especially if you think you have found your soulmate in your best friend/s. A friendship bracelet creates an idea of being special to someone. It also represents the infinite cycle of relationship you have with your friend/s when you put it into your wrists.

Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstones are used in any kind of jewelry item. It could be a pendant, earrings, or rings. Moreover, gemstones are also used for bracelets! Aside from its brilliance and aesthetics, one of the most significant purpose of wearing a jewelry item which has a gemstone on it is to give a symbol on a person’s personality or character. People usually but jewelry items with a gemstone which represents their birth month, furthermore, we all know that gemstones also have various symbolism which we acquired from the beliefs of the ancient people. This makes wearing a bracelet with gemstones so much cooler!

String Bracelet

A string bracelet is usually made up of one or two strings worn by individuals as they make wishes. It is said that when you wear this bracelet, you kind of make a wish as you wrap and knot it on your wrist. As time goes by, the string/s of this bracelet could fall off. During this time, your wish is said to be granted. A string bracelet can also be hanged with different charms of your choice to enhance its beauty.