Bring Back Fashion Class with Brooches!

Posted on October 11, 2016, 7:02 am
6 mins

Brooches are a jewelry item created in order to be attached to garments, usually to make sure the items the jewelry is attached into are held close. These jewelry item are very decorative and comes with various schemes. Brooches are often made with metals such as gold, silver, or bronze, together with some other materials for decoration. They are also often decorated with gemstones and enamels for a better aesthetics. Brooches are actually considered as one of the most versatile and underused item among the different types of jewelry out there.


However, the brooches have one advantage that any other jewelry item do not have. The styling possibilities of brooches are actually up to whatever a person’s style is unlike other jewelry items which are only worn the way the items are intended to be. So, how about we bring back brooches on fashion trend and look at some ideas on how to wear these precious jewelry item.

Brooches on Clothing Items

One of the main purposes of brooches is to make any of your clothing items decorative. One of the easiest and fastest way to make your outfit look a little bit more fancy is to simply pin a brooch into your blouse or your shirt! Through using brooches, your very own style will be added with another level of tasteful character, although brooches do not give an edgy look, instead, it provides you a classy one. When you meet up a friend, colleague, or if you are about to go on a business meeting, this jewelry item will surely catch their attention!

On the other hand, you can also climb the top and fashion brooches up on your collar. Instead of just pinning it into your blouse, you can pin it on the collar of your shirt/blouse! This style gives a very unique and sophisticated look to your outfit. All you have to consider is picking the perfect shirt to put your brooches on and voila! This idea is probably a hundred percent perfect to today’s fashion style which aims for something unique and classy. If you choose an outfit which do not have a collar but shows your neckline instead, you could also add brooches on that area. This fashion idea would probably be the center of attention from your overall outfit!


Another idea that you can do with brooches is to place these jewelry items on your blazer lapels! Fashion stylists are bringing back the classics and they have never gone old, and will absolutely never be outdated. Your brooches could either have a hidden meaning personally or they could just be another one of your precious jewelries, but, this would definitely give your outfit an unforgettable impact to the people that you meet.

Jackets, whether denim or leather, have also been a fashion trend this year. Because of the very visualized detailed of jackets, there are actually a lot of spots that you can pin your most intricate designed brooch on to it. If you wanted to look a lot more feminine, brooches would definitely do the trick! You can also pin it on your jeans or skirt in the areas which you think it would definitely suit best! Basically, brooches can be used in any clothing item. All you have to do is be creative and never be afraid to experiment until you find your signature style.

Brooches on Bags

As mentioned above, the use of brooches are very flexible. Not only can it be used in your clothing items, these jewelry items also look great on bags! Whether its a handbag, a sling one, or even into your cute backpack, brooches can be used for a greater aesthetic. This would definitely send a message that your style is about class and elegance whether it be from your choice of clothing, to your body jewelries, or to the other materials that you carry.

Brooches on Hats

The aesthetic effect that brooches give never gets old! One of the most sophisticated ways of uplifting your style is to pin on some of your favorite brooches onto your hats! Hats and brooches are a perfect match to wear as it gives a fancier appearance to your head. Not to mention, the way brooches dance with the ray of sunlight which would definitely turn some heads and catch attention!