Brooch Jewelry Incredible Facts You Might Not Know About

Posted on October 28, 2016, 3:43 am
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One of the most classic jewelry there is that had been very significant in history is the brooch jewelry. Brooches have been very symbolic and had served many purposes both to society and fashion. These jewelry items, which are now part of our fashion accessories, actually go way back as early as the 18th century. Since brooches are coming back on trend, it is just right to get more information about these precious and classic jewelry items! Check out these facts about brooches that you might not know about.

Fact 1:

Brooches are fashion accessories created mainly to be attached on clothes through a pin for a decorative style. In fact, those brooches with really good designs are often more visually appealing compared to those which are made with metals like silver and gold. In order for the brooches to be attached to clothes, a rotating pin is added at the back of the jewelry.

Fact 2:

Brooches come from way back the Bronze Age. During this time, pins were really a popular ornament for clothing. Brooches are then used as an item to fasten their clothing. It was the Byzantines who introduced the colored enamel brooches. It was during the 18th century when brooches held an important role in clothing accessory. By the time of the 19th century, brooches had become a fashion accessory made in different styles to further accentuate women’s style and add versatility to their looks.

Fact 3:

Brooches can be made with various materials. Examples of these materials are crystals, feathers, plastic stones, sea shells, and pearls. This jewelry item is also metal-based. Silver, bronze, and stainless steel are few examples of the metals used in creating these fashion items. To further enhance the aesthetics of these jewelry items, gemstones, beads, and/or charms are added. The designs of brooches also vary ranging from animal shapes, to flowers, and other symbolic forms.

Fact 4:

Brooches have been a part of the antique jewelry and are otherwise called vintage brooches due to its link to history. These vintage brooches are very special because their designs have a special relationship with the year/ear in which they have been made. Examples of these era are the Art Nouveau movement in the early 20th century in which the features that dominated the design of brooches are stylize flowing flowers and plant motifs; the Art Decoratifs in which the designs featured bold symmetric lines; and the Victorian Era which features a rich intricate designs of gold.

Fact 5

By the beginning of the century wherein brooches were first introduced to the public, women used to fasten their brooches to the necklines of their dresses. They also used to pin these brooches at the center of their necklines near their breasts. They also used to attach these jewelry items to a ribbon which is tightly tied around their neck. This serves as a decorative choker and added edginess to their style. Throughout time, brooches are used in other ways. During the end of the century, women covered their chests and they used brooches to secure their outfits.