Brooches Common Variations that Young People Should Know About

Posted on October 25, 2016, 6:44 am
4 mins

Fashion brooches are slowly making a comeback! These jewelry items had been a part of the classic. Brooches had served many functions throughout the history of fashion. They were invented to hold together the clothing items that were used during the ancient times, specifically of the Roman Empire. Throughout time, the aesthetics of these jewelry have been very useful to the world of fashion and style. Just like other fashion trends, its presence had come and go. Today, these jewelry items are finally making a comeback!

Most of the young generations may not have any idea of how these jewelry items should be fashioned. They may not even know that there are variations of this kind of jewelry. Check out these various kinds of brooches jewelry that you, young minds, may not know about.

Annular Brooch

The annular brooch is one of the oldest kind of brooch jewelry. It is otherwise known as the ring brooch. The style of the annular brooch was first made public during the fifth century in Europe. It is characterized with a very simple open design of a ring with a pin in between the circle which stretches downward its back. Its design is similar with the so called penannular brooch with only a slight difference. The penannular brooch has a broken part of the circle while the annular has a complete whole one. However, both these brooch designs could be decorated with gemstones and other materials to enhance better aesthetics.

Cameo Brooch

The cameo brooch is a kind of brooch jewelry designed with a small three dimensional face affixed on a round shape metal and a pin attached to the back. It is otherwise known as portrait brooch. The design of the cameo brooch was first sold to the public during the fifteenth century. However, it was during the Victorian era wherein the cameo brooch jewelry had become popular especially in the field of fashion and style. The face of the cameo brooch usually features the faces of the Greek or Roman goddesses and some famous heads of state. It is carved from materials such glass, stone, and shell. It is also surrounded with gemstones and other materials for an intricate design.

Jeweled Brooch

A jeweled brooch is a kind of brooch jewelry characterized by stuffed gemstones. It was a very popular design during the 1920’s and had been a staple design to the year’s flapper dressing. The jeweled brooch became a very functional jewelry as it does not only give glamour when worn, but, can also be used to hold up stockings while while dancing out in a jazz club. The jeweled brooch is made to be worn for glamorous events such as black tie parties for example and adds up brilliance and gives much more sophistication to the wearer. Up until now, jeweled brooches are still in the market usually seen in jewelry stores.

Stick Pin Brooch

The stick pin brooch is a kind of brooch jewelry characterized by a bauble on top of it and a long, thin piece of metal with a pointy end at the bottom. The design of the stick pin brooch was very popular during the modern era. It was available in various sizes, and the length of this brooch jewelry depends on its functions. When used in hats, the pins are longer and its function is to secure the hat in the woman’s hair. Stick pins can also be worn in the lapel of the men’s suit and the length of the pin of the brooch is shorter.