Learn More About the Different Types of Necklace Chains with these Common Cable Chains Variation

Posted on October 15, 2016, 7:41 am
4 mins

Necklace chains are jewelry items which people do not automatically recognize in one glance. However, if you have been shopping for necklaces, you will eventually notice that there are different designs of chains that you could find. There are actually various names of necklace chains that are available in the market. Chains can either be decorated with pendants or be worn alone. It depends on your own taste and decision. Based on your style, you could choose the perfect necklace chain which would actually fit on it. Previous articles have published about the different types of necklace chains, let us dig deeper into this knowledge and learn more about necklace chains with these common variations of cable chains!

Cable chains are very popular to jewelry buyers as they are perfect necklaces to hang pendants with and they are very simple. Check out these cable chains that you might have encountered but failed to notice.

Curb Cable Chain

Curb chain is a variation of cable chain necklace characterized by uniformly sized links in either oval or round shapes. These links are interlocked with each other and are laid flat on the surface. This variation of cable chain is a favorite to both men and women and is otherwise called as gourmet chain. The width of curb chains vary from a few millimeters to over four centimeters. This variation of cable chain is perfectly worn alone as it beauty stands out without the help of pendants. Curb cable chain when worn gives sophistication and elegance to both men and women who prefer to wear these kind of chains.

Double Cable Chain

Double cable chain is another unpopular variation of the cable chain necklace. This chain is characterized by repeating patterns of single links which consisted of a pattern repeated with two various links which are laid parallel to each other. These patterns then are linked directly to another set of links similarly laid in a parallel direction. There is another variation of this double cable chain called the parallel chain. This chain is perfect for both men and women and gives another edge to style when worn.

Figaro Cable Chain

Figaro chain is a popular variation of cable chain. It is characterized with flat twisted links. This chain kind of has similarities with curb chain, the difference however, is that the links of a Figaro chain do not share the same shapes and sizes. The pattern of Figaro chains originated in Italy and traditionally, these chains are made with thicker wires which makes the chain stronger. The name Figaro was taken from a popular Italian opera entitled The Marriage of Figaro. The pattern for this chain is preceded into an elongated link after every third of fifth link.

Rolo Cable Chain

Rolo chain is otherwise known as belcher chain. It is another variation of cable chain which is characterized by two or more twisted links of chain coiled together. Often, the links of rolo chains are round and identical. The pattern of rolo chain makes it look simply elegant compared to other kinds of necklace chains with complex patterns. Rolo chains are usually consisted with links that are smaller in length and have thicker circumference. This variation of cable chain is commonly a choice for men. Rolo chains are also very popular to women specifically used for charm bracelets.