Cameo Jewelry Attracts the Wedding Market

Posted on March 31, 2010, 5:44 am
2 mins A Cameo Jewelry trend is back in the market!

Since the start of the year 2010, Cameo Jewelry has been an attraction
to the wedding market. Cameo Jewelry has had its existence during the
19th century in England. The ornament was a recognized as a fashion
jewelry at the period of Queen Elizabeth.

Since Queen Victoria favored cameos, the cameo was quite popular during
and since her reign. They were popular as pins and pendants usually
worn on a black velvet ribbon or even sometimes-pastel satin ribbons.

A Cameo is a carving traditionally done on stones or shells. They are
an antique jewelry. has a piece of cameo jewelry to
suit every taste. We have a cameo brooch, pendant and ring. represents a form of art that offers an eye catch to
every one.

Our 925 sterling silver antique cameo brooch and pendant has a frame
set with Garnet and Marcasite. The beautiful pieces has an original
picture of a resin cameo which measures 60mm long, 39mm width and has
different weights

The new arrival of our cameo jewelry is a natural shell 925 cameo lady
earring, it is inspiration-ally portraying the protective love of an
angel for its charge – this genuine shell cameo is truly wonderful.
This stunning 14mm x 36mm(W x L ) cameo is framed in 925 silver.

NOTE: The chain is not included with the pendant.

The 925 Sterling Silver Marcasite Cameo Ring is attractive made by 925
Sterling silver with Marcasite, Emerald , Blue Sapphire , Ruby Gemstone

We guarantee the satisfaction and take pride in our high quality and service.