Jan 22, 2012

Classy Jewelry

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Fashion forward approach to accessorizing with this new revolution of individualism. Tradition, but let us boldly rezhissiruya family reunion and keeping the basic colors of winter marathon called the New Year! Pearls for the New
Sep 18, 2011

Bangkok Jewelry

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Thailand has always been known for it’s jewelry especially the silver jewellery – in all type. Today, Kamarsilver.com brings you the beautiful sun stone ring. This ring is for your lover and its an excellent
Aug 19, 2011

Rhodium Plated Jewellery

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Kamarsilver.com has the newest style of the jewelry.  You prefer to buy a labeled stamped – which is a brand name or from the same quality but a lower price? Look classy, elegant and attractive
Jul 5, 2011

Silver Pendants

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This jewelry doesn’t let you go off style and are available in trendy designs and patterns. Perhaps, our silver jewelry store, actually brings you the best which outcomes the best result of the finest jewelry
Jul 1, 2011

New Jewelry for the month

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The newest of 925 sterling silver jewelry ring which is the newest jewelry for the month and the ring is a black cz ring with a metal finish of a rhodium. However, this ring looks
Jun 26, 2011

Asian Jeweleries

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Black rhodium plated with 925 sterling silver with the metal stamp of 925 sterling silver. Kamarsilver.com has the newest style of the jewelry.  You prefer to buy a labeled stamped – which is a brand name or
Mar 22, 2011

Rhodium Jewelry Set

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Kamarsilver.com manufactures and specializes in fashion jewelry of a rhodium plated jewelry set. Beautifully hand polished and hand created. Create a stylish, fun look with a triangle shape in the stone of turquoise which is