Jan 19, 2012

New Collection of the week

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Kamarsilver.com brings you the newest and the latest design of the cocktail jewelry of the week! Made of 925 sterling silver with a beautiful rhodium finish and the exquisite CZ stones.   The beautiful cz
Jan 10, 2012

Jewelry Elegance

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Kamarsilver.com, brings you the high fashion costume jewellery. A jewelry is also classic but it always beholds on the style we tag along or put it as. Anyway, leaving these thoughts behind we have an authentic
Dec 7, 2011

Rhodium Jewelry Collections

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  Look classy, elegant and attractive at it! Rhodium plating is an extraordinary process which gives a sterling silver jewelry a deeper look and more vibrant. We have been in the jewelry industry for over
Nov 23, 2011

Crystal Jewelry Collections

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Crystal jewelry stays as an every green collection. There is absolutely nothing to worry on the basis because crystal jewelry suits in all attire and all kinds of dress wear! The beautiful crystal jewelry is
Oct 17, 2011

Preciosa Crystal Jewellery

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Naturally it is a complicated process of developing lovely crystals is certainly the planet leader when it comes to the production of fine crystals. Murano glass is manufactured in the Venice region of Italy and is at
Oct 10, 2011

Retail Silver Jewelry – Bangkok

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Sterling silver jewellery іѕ available іn аn іnсrеdіblе number οf kinds аnd textures. Eνеr find out hοw уουr sterling silver jewellery now аnd again simply catches уουr eye аnd casts a spell οn уου? If уου lіkе
Oct 5, 2011

American Jewelry

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Unique style adopted for current turquoise jewelry reaches into the past for inspiration. Jewelry styled with petroglyphs has become a fresh look. Petroglyphs are rock carvings found in ancient Native American dwellings. These carvings date
Sep 11, 2011

Contemporary Jewelry

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Choose and shop your favorite contemporary jewelry from the biggest online store i.e; Kamarsilver.com. A rare woman who was at once an international film and fashion star, loving mother, successful businesswoman, and generous humanitarian. Colorful gemstones