Classical Simplicity : 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Posted on March 31, 2010, 5:31 am
3 mins

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry is just a classical simplicity ornament which is affordable and stays in fashion for a long period.

We have variants of the classical simplicity silver jewelry collections
from silver bead jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver Champagne , White CZ
Bracelet, Silver CZ Bracelet, Sterling Silver Pendants, Silver Red
Coral Jewelry, rhodium plated jewelry, Swarovski Crystal Pendant, 925
Sterling Silver Alphabet Pendants and Silver Precious Jewelry.

The extraordinary silver bead jewelry features Pearls, Hematite Stone
Bead, Natural Amethyst, Agate and Red Coral. These collections of bead
jewelry is a necklace and bracelet at a reasonable price with an
outstanding creation with various patterns and textures.

The 925 sterling silver Lavender and White CZ Bracelet is the latest
arrival of our bracelet collection and consists with 6 pieces of
Lavender with 96 pieces of White Cubic Zircon Stones and measures 7
inches long and weighs 13.50 grams.

Our best selling 925 CZ bracelet weighs 22.9 grams with 30 pieces of
White Cubic Zircon stones and a 925 Silver Lavender Bracelet has a
measurement of 7 inches weighing 4.00 grams. specializes in sterling silver jeweleries in CZ
pendants, CZ rings, CZ earrings, CZ bangles and etc. Our jewelry is a
fantastic choice to be an idealized gift on any special occasion.

Our sterling silver pendant enriched with cubic zircon stone and
faceted with green and white color weighing 1.8 grams , size 13mm x
19mm .

Red coral is also a perfect gift for the holidays and Christmas because
it add a color and matches every outfit. Our range of red coral
jeweleries in earrings and pendants in known for their artistic appeal.
Our limited edition of Natural Coral Sterling Silver Pendant weighs 3
grams and measures by 27mm x 40mm ( W X L) and a Natural Red Coral
Sterling Silver Earring which measures 32mm x 35mm (W x L), weighs 7.2

Our sparkling 925 Sterling Silver Alphabet Pendant attached with Cubic
Zirconium as an initial alphabet of ” S ” has 4 sparkling Cubic Zircon
Stone with just a pendant weight of 3.2 grams and is at a low cost
price when compared to any of the local store. The 925 Sterling Silver
on Cubic Zircon Initial “R” also has a 4 sparkling CZ stone with the
finest quality weighing 3.6 grams. has precious jewelry in silver collections such as
Genuine Silver Rings, 925 Silver Real stone Necklace, 18k Gold Plated
Earring, Genuine Gem Earrings, Genuine Pendant, Genuine Gem Silver
Bracelet, Genuine Gem Silver Set and a real stone Marcasite Ring.

The Genuine Gem Earrings is a 925 Sterling silver Real Ruby With
Marcasite Earring collection attached with Genuine Emerald , Ruby ,
Blue Sapphire and a Marcasite.

Our 18k Gold Plated 925 Silver with Natural Ruby Earring is a hoop
earring with the size of 12mm Width , 9mm Diameter , weighs 3.80 grams
and the 10 pieces of stones. The stone size is 3.5 mm , 2.5 mm and 2mm.