Come and Take a Look at the Different Meanings of Nose Ring

Posted on September 06, 2016, 7:02 am
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Nose rings are back on trend! A lot of celebrities are currently seen wearing these gorgeous body jewelries and people who are a fashion enthusiast and are very up to the newest trend are now eyeing the comeback of nose rings. Many individuals are now thinking of piercing their noses and putting on nose rings for a new, fresh look! However, these nose rings that many of us admire today have deeper meanings.

Body piercings have always been a part of the culture and of the arts. Piercing an individual’s body could have meaning to them and is also a way of expressing one’s self. Nose rings, and other body jewelries, have been worn by different people of different culture in the past. In the Western culture, nose rings could symbolize a rebellion against the conservative ways. For others, however, it may mean more.
The meaning of nose rings varies depending on which place you currently live in. In some places, nose rings are seen as the expressions of different cultural values, and for others, nose rings are used as a decoration for enhancing a person’s appearance.

First of all, nose rings symbolized marriage. Back to the past about 4000 years ago, nose rings are given as a wedding gift. This practice first started in the Middle East. Often, nose rings are made of gold and quite ornate and were a representation of a woman’s wedding status. This kind of practice had spread in some parts of Africa and was even seen as an insurance of woman if she ever gets divorced.

Nose rings have also symbolized a person’s wealth. In some of Africa’s tribe, nose rings are a reflection of an individual’s wealth and it was believed that the larger the nose rings, the wealthier and the more prominent an individual is. These body jewelries are intertwined with the ritual of marriage as it is given by the groom to his wife as token of wealth.

Expectedly, nose rings are a symbol of beauty. In some parts of Asia, women decide to get their nose pierced months before their wedding. Nose rings are recognized as very stylish. Furthermore, it is used by women as a beauty accessory as it elevates a woman’s physical appearance.

The fame of the nose rings in America began in the year 1960 when the hippies brought it back to the country after they had visited India. However, their popularity soon vanished. In 1970, the popularity of nose rings came back as a part of the punk movement. The punk movement adopted the use of nose rings as a symbol of rebellion against the conservative values of the state.

As of today, the perception of nose rings as a sign of rebellion is still going on. Nose rings are still given a negative view by other people such as the conservatives, the employers, and some of the teachers. The popular admiration of nose rings have been back since a number of celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Cara Delevigne, and others have been using these body jewelries.

No matter what your intentions of piercing your noses and putting on nose rings, what other people think of it does not necessarily matter. An individual could wear nose rings as a symbol of sexuality, personality, and/or character. Nose rings could also be used as an accessory for fashion. Whatever your reason, the most important thing is how you feel about wearing them. So, if you have plans of wearing nose rings go ahead and keep you head up high!