Explore The 9 Alluring Designs Of Crystal Bracelets

Posted on October 26, 2016, 8:11 am
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Crystal bracelets are versatile that makes them to be a hot commodity in the market among all other jewelry collection. No matter whether you buy crystal bracelets for yourself or want to present it to your friend as a gift, a crystal bracelet will definitely be loved by people and they enjoy wearing it. Crystals are great materials incorporated in bracelets due to the sheer ease of shaping them into a range of forms. The jewelry designers can effortlessly create shapes like diamonds, barrels, hearts, cylinders and spheres. The range of shapes for crystal bracelets can be limited only by imagination.

Crystal Bracelets

Popularity of crystal bracelets

  • The aesthetic value offered by the shiny and sparkling features of crystal enables crystal bracelets to provide a touch of understated class to a wearer who wears the most casual outfit
  • Crystal bracelets are just classic yet versatile pieces that will never fade out of style. It is due to this versatile quality, which makes crystal bracelets suitable as gifts for loved ones, for friends or even for you.
  • Crystal bracelets can either be purchased as a completed piece or as a group of individual crystal beads. A buyer can choose these beads to cater to their individual design requirements and to develop customized pieces for gifts with a highly personalized touch.

Distinct crystal bracelet designs

Include a touch of class to any outfit this season with a mesmerizing piece of crystal bracelet. The collection of bracelets is adorned with sparkling stones in a medley of colors and styles. Right from pearl to diamond and rose gold, crystal bracelets are suitably combined with the matching earrings and necklace or stacked together for the layered boho look of this season.

Crystal Bracelets

  • Fashion women crystal bracelet New

This crystal bracelet is hand-crafted using leather and ideal pieces of dark blue crystals that are designed lined up as three rows. The elegant and rich color is more suited to the royal collection and appears magnificent. It can perfectly suit any kind of outfit no matter whether a traditional or contemporary outfit. Never miss to add this luxury piece of dark blue crystal bracelet to your jewelry collection. You will really be a center of attraction if you walk into the crowd wearing this elegant crystal bracelet.

Crystal Bracelets

  • 5 inch crystal bracelet

Made out of stylish white crystal and stainless steel, this crystal bracelet is absolutely a must have for next summer. As a part of your jewelry collection, try adding up this white crystal bracelet and match it up with an argent crystal earring for making ultimate style statement. Hence, this unique piece of crystal bracelet will enhance your style features and help you display a fashion statement wherever you head out.

Crystal Bracelets

  • 925 sterling silver crystal bracelet

This delicate crystal bracelet is fashioned out of rhodium metal and also crafted with the finest 925 sterling silver for providing a sophisticated finish. Blue crystal ball featured at front will keep this jewelry magnificence and excellently complements the sterling silver. This crystal bracelet is a beautiful and a perfect choice for evening wear or day-time. The rhodium metal finish will add a touch of simplicity yet a bit of serenity to your overall look and lift your appearance to a greater extent.

Crystal Bracelets

  • 925 sterling silver crystal beads bracelet

Experience the love with this wonderful crystal beads bracelet. Featuring crystal beads, this contemporary chain bracelet is set in a round shaped charm that features series of shimmering crystals for availing wrapped up look and completed with the idyllic crystal beads. The hanging beads is perfect for this amazing crystal bracelet as it offers an extraordinary look and elegance. The wearer will really feel the royalty and tranquility on wearing this bracelet.

Crystal Bracelets

  • Black crystals stardust magnetic clasp with ball wrap bracelet bangle

Sometimes making it simple is best and this minimalist, gorgeous bracelet just does that. Stainless steel and mesh et for additional shine and set with glistening black crystals, this crystal bracelet can also be used as a bangle that is unique for those who love to dazzle understatedly, suitable to any kind of occasion. The magnetic clasp and black crystals form a great combination and offers this jewelry a special charm and highlight.

Crystal Bracelets

  • Metric sterling silver and white crystal bracelet

A delicate line of white crystals are set finely into white gold plated sterling silver. Forming a new additional to the hot metric collection, you can wear this crystal bracelet day or night for getting some subtle sparkle. This crystal bracelet is a very thin, lightweight yet luxury piece of jewelry forming a perfect accessory for those who wish to walk out in style with simple accessories.


  • Fashion crystal rope bracelet new

This is a unique and glamorous piece of crystal rope bracelet for new look for all kinds of occasions. The delicate and sparkling crystals are embraced in finest rope. Sophisticated and simple, this bracelet is a suitable option for day and evening style. It is also a must-have among the other crystal bracelet jewelry collection. It will be a great addition to any sort of ensemble tried by the wearer.


  • 925 sterling silver real agate bracelet

Never miss to get this 925 sterling silver agate bracelet to obtain a spot-on look and you can get this look without any difficulty. Made out of 925 sterling silver, this crystal bracelet is sported with two elegant agate crystals. This is a metal-stamped bracelet that is found in a standard length of 7.5 inches. You can find this bracelet for most affordable price now.


  • 925 sterling silver many stars mix colors bracelet

This sterling silver crystal bracelet is definite to bring the charm that you would never get with other piece of jewelry. Featuring mixture of different color crystals, this bracelet is completed using 925 sterling silver metal that serves as a great highlight of this bracelet. The lineup of stars in admiring colors boosts up the elegance of this crystal brace and it is surely a must-have in your jewel collection.