6 Charming Designs Of Crystal Pendants In Modern Trend

Posted on October 10, 2016, 4:36 pm
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Almost all jewelry enthusiasts crave a great deal of sparkle in their lives rarely; however purchasing real diamond jewelry is not an option always for everyone. Even among those who could afford buying real diamond, some of them opt to have the sparkle that is offered by diamond, but don’t favor the fact that some of the brightest and best diamond feature certain ethical issues. Fortunately, there are other options found for those who wish for a bit of sparkle in a budget. One way to obtain the sparkle you want, without make a hole in your wallet is to make or buy a necklace with crystal pendants. Crystal pendants are specially crafted from cut lead glass by the famous crystal makers. They are intended to reflect light in the same way diamonds do, which indicates that their alluring glint is perfect for less costly pieces of jewelry that want to look classy, but not tacky.


Special features of crystal pendants

All of the crystal pendant products are known for their brilliant craftsmanship and extremely high quality. Crystal pendants come in a comprehensive range of different sizes, colors and shapes, referring that buyers and jewelry makers have an excellently wide collection of option while it comes to which style of these pendant they like. Prominent styles of these crystal pendants include snowflake shaped pendants, baroque style pendants, teardrop pendants and also diamond shaped ones and spherical ones. In certain cases, crystal pendants may also mean other kinds of charms that have crystals set on them. If you wish to display celebrity style, making or buying a necklace decorated with these pendants may be the cost effective option to do that. These pendants are much perfect for use on anklets, earrings and bracelets as well. The types of crystal pendants are endless and so their charms are also varied.


Varied styles of crystal pendants

Create a fashion statement with the exclusive collection of crystal pendants. You can explore an excellent variety of crystal pendants, from rare and precious gemstones set in silver and simple crystal heart pendants. These crystal pendants form a stylish way to experience the healing power of your desired crystal, suitable for long-term crystal healing. Crystal pendants alluringly reflect light and make a bold statement with their vibrant and rich colors. Swarovski crystal pendants are versatile, durable and consistent in shape and size. You can shop for varying crystal shapes from hearts, teardrops, snowflakes and much more at affordable price.

crystal pendant

  • 925 sterling silver crystal pendant

Add a silver shine to your outfit with the excellent piece of sterling silver and crystal pendant. Crate a statement with this exquisite 925 sterling silver pendant that looks admiring. This pendant sports red color stone and clarity that greatly shines in the light. It appears gorgeous against your skin and also adds natural glam to any outfit. This pendant features sterling silver and red stone. Whether you opt it for glamorous look or healing energy, this mesmerizing pendant would form a lovely gift.


  • Nice 925 preciosa crystal pendant

This round shape crystal pendant is really captivating with its wonderfully elongated silhouette and round geometry. It creates a playful sparkle that adds to its natural, simple appearance. This admiring pendant is both modern and classic. Pendants are unique for making jewelry sets like earrings, bracelet and necklace. You can attach this alluring crystal pendant with a simple chain to form an enchanting chain necklace. Grab this piece of jewelry right away and create a fashion statement.


  • Pear shaped 925 sterling silver preciosa crystal pendant

The pear shape is the more famous pendant shape desired by almost all women. It has an appealing charm that certainly highlights its looks without any additional element. This sterling silver preciosa crystal pendant combines red and white color gem stones that further enhance the wonderful look of this pendant. The pear shape and the color combination work well together to offer this jewelry a great pick. This also makes a perfect choice of gift that can be admired by the other person who receives it.


  • Fashion jewelry crystal pendant

You will surely get stunned on looking at this crystal pendant. This is a wonderful piece of pendant that looks extremely stylish and elegant to wear. Made of costume jewelry metal with crystal, this pendant is a great choice to grab if you are out to purchase a unique jewelry to add in your accessory collection. You can match up this pendant with any modern outfit and wear it for any kind of occasion you wish. You can able to walk out in style by featuring in this costume jewelry with crystal.


  • 925 sterling silver blue zircon preciosa crystal pendant

Transform your complete look with this single piece of exquisite crystal pendant jewelry. Featuring green gem color, you are sure to look admiring by wearing this pendant. You can hang it with a simple chain and wear it suit any kind of outfit. The preciosa crystal weighs light making it more comfortable for you to wear. Never miss the chance to grab this adoring piece of pendant. It also features superior quality 925 sterling silver metal that further increases the charm of the pendant.


  • Preciosa crystal Pandora silver pendant

You can make your jewelry highly personal by your choice of sparkling pendant. Choose this preciosa crystal Pandora pendant to complement your style. Elevate your appearance with the blue crystal pendant from Pandora. This highly divine pendant radiates sparkling elegance and is made from sterling silver in a wonderful design, set with stunning crystals in blue and can be thread on to your desired necklace chain. This crystal pendant is one of the enchanting designs from Pandora to take away your breath, while the magic realm comes to life. Silver and charming stones meet as signature style lines on in a journey of unforgettable moments. Pandora design offers you the suitable excuse to pamper those dear ones who deserve to be excited.