Different Cuff Bracelet Designs for Men

Posted on October 14, 2016, 5:08 am
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Jewelry items are luxuries known to be women’s guilty pleasure. A lot of jewelry items are created for women of all ages from head to toe. These items have been used as fashion accessories, fashion statements, to signify feelings or social status, and many more. However, just like clothes and any other items, jewelry are not only meant to be created for women, but also for all the men who are enthusiastic with these items as well! Jewelry items are available to all because, let’s admit it, men also have the urge to want to look good. Plus, jewelry on men makes them look more sophisticated and sexy. One of the many jewelry items which other people might think are only designed for women are bracelets – specifically, cuff bracelets.

Cuff bracelets are fashion accessories that are usually blogged about by women for women. This may be the reason why a lot of people think that cuff bracelets are made for women alone. However, manufacturers of these jewelry items have proven them wrong! There are actually quite a number of various cuff bracelet designs for male customers out there who are fond of these accessories, too! Check out these different cuff bracelet designs for men out there who adores these jewelry items.

Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelets

Stainless steel cuff bracelet is one of the kind of cuff bracelet designs available to men. These things are very stylish and would go with any outfit that you guys find in your closet. These stainless steel cuff bracelets are very versatile, too. You can always pair these with any other jewelry item that you have, although silver jewelry items are very much the best pair to it since the steel’s color is similar with silver. You could also engrave your name or anything on this kind of material. The added bonus to stainless steel products is that you should never be worrying of any stain that it might get due to exposure to water or any other substance that might cause stain to your jewelry item. Stainless steel cuff bracelets can also be paired with other materials for designs and aesthetics.

Leather Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets made from leather is also one of the sexiest cuff bracelet available to men. Leather cuff bracelets are best paired with cowboy outfits, or if you are up to rugged style. Stainless steel bracelets and silver bracelets are for those who go for something sophisticated and a bit formal, leather bracelets on the other hand, give you a kind of Casanova look. Some men who wear leather cuff bracelets are up to a style which looks strong, bold, and audacious. There are actually a variety of styles that leather cuff bracelets are available. You could get a braided leather, a strap, or other leather bracelets which are paired with metals and other materials to further enhance the aesthetics of the cuff bracelet.

Silver Cuff Bracelet
Silver cuff bracelets are also available for men out there. Silver and stainless steel cuff bracelets may look similar because they share the same radiance and color, however, the difference between the two is the width and the materials used in making them. Stainless steel cuff bracelets could be paired with other materials, such as leather, depending on the style of the jewelry that the manufacturers produce. Silver cuff bracelets, on the other hand, are made with just the silver material. Since silver is very malleable, it is easy for it to be created into different shapes and sizes, which is an advantage since it does not have to be paired with any other material for beauty enhancement. The width of the silver cuff bracelets are also lesser compared to steel. Although, both metals can be encrypted with numbers or letters. Just like stainless steel, silver cuff bracelets can also be mixed and matched with any of your other jewelry items and goes with any outfits that you have in your closet.