CZ Jewelry Facts that You Should Learn About

Posted on November 16, 2016, 9:02 am
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CZ jewelry otherwise known as cubic zirconia jewelry, is a material constantly compared with diamonds because of its close visual likeness. This jewelry has become the great competitor of diamond jewelry. The advantages that CZ jewelry have include durability, and a much lower cost compared to diamonds whilst looking as brilliant as those stones. It has been high up the market since the beginning of its introduction to the public. However, not many people know the intimate details of this jewelry. In order for you to learn more about it, here are some facts about this jewelry on which everyone adores.

Fact 1:


The cubic zirconia jewelry was developed originally by Russians. However, as of today, the largest producer of this jewelry comes from the country of Thailand and China. Based on history researches, the Russians developed these precious stones in order to create a specialized window glass for their space program. It was officially first manufactured in USSR in order to create a gemstone which contains similar optical properties of a ruby and was intended to be used in laser technology. It was first used as a jewelry in 1969. Since then, it has been sold throughout the market. The most popular and leading manufacturers of this jewelry can be found in the countries of Thailand and China.

Fact 2:


CZ jewelry had been compared to diamond jewelry because of its visual likeness which makes it visually challenging for anyone to know which is which. Professional jewelers and gemologists has even the need to use special equipment in order to tell them apart. Loupes and magnifiers are some of the equipment used to identify precious stones.

Fact 3:


A cubic zirconia is different from a white zircon. One of the primary difference of the two is that a white zircon is naturally mined, while the cubic zirconia is synthetically manufactured. Cubic zirconia also possess a variety of colors while the white zircon possesses light refraction which can actually surpass a diamond. CZ’s are also economical, while white zircons and diamonds are very expensive. Although the cubic zirconia and zircons have similar names, the two are not actually related with each other.

Fact 4:


Although cubic zirconia are confused with diamonds because of its visual similarities, they differ with their weight. CZ’s are actually a lot heavier than diamonds. They weight at around 75% heavier than diamonds with similar sizes. CZ’s are synthesized from zirconium oxide. They are then produced by heating the mineral to an estimated 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating process allows the cubic zirconia to have equal dimensions. In this process, a stabilizer material should be added in order to maintain the gemstone’s integrity when it cools down.

Fact 5:


Cubic zirconia has been considered as a gemstone. Usually, gemstones contain special meaning or hidden mystical powers. These things are based on what our ancient predecessors have taught us to believe. Diamonds for example, are believed to symbolize clarity, wisdom, and purity. Zircons, on the other hand, are believed to be used in order to communicate with angels. They are also used for protection during travels for a safer passage.