Decoding the Magnificence of Australian Fire Opals

Posted on February 23, 2016, 7:49 am
2 mins

925 Sterling Silver Australian Fire Opal Spider Pendant, Have you ever given a thought to how “fire” looks? Well, if you want to experience its magnificent grandeur by your hands, then opt for the Australian Fire Opal. A fire opal is basically more fragile than a regular opal. Opals are bought and Australian fire opals are treasured! This is a blog to discuss about the hard-to-find chemistry of hues in Australian fire opals? What is so “fiery” about them? In what combinations, these premium opals are mostly worn?

Reading further…

An Australian Fire Opal is named for its unique flaming pattern of orange and red colors. A fire opal is basically more fragile than a regular opal. Since the former contains 20% water, it is tend to quick drying and easy breakage. Australian fire opals mostly display signs of iridescence in their regular behavior. This is perhaps why they are also referred as traditional opals.

Tracing its roots…

Australia; especially Queensland is considered the birthplace of fire opals. The first ever fire opal was discovered at in Queensland at Listowel Downs, south of Blackall, in 1869. Australian Fire opals are considered one of the hardest substances ever known in the history of mankind. These opals are known to stimulate positive energy required to counteract mental traumas and pains––one of the reasons for their recommendation by astrologers.

Perfect combinations!

Mostly, Australian opals are treasured in 925 Sterling Silver casings. They are popular as silver brooch, silver rings, and other forms of jewelry. Opals and 925 Sterling Silver make a deadly combination. Both of these components are widely liked for their unique presentation and eye-catching appeal!

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