Different Sorts of Chain Necklaces for All Kinds of Ages

Posted on October 14, 2016, 8:57 am
5 mins

Whether you are a teenager, a young adult, or an adult, one of the most adored jewelry that people are luxurious for are necklaces. Necklaces are fashion accessories that never go out of style. They are items which people always love to purchase, because, let’s admit it, necklaces look good to anyone who wears it. If you have noticed, when you shop for the perfect necklace that you want to buy, either for someone special or for yourself, the chains of these necklaces vary from styles and even sizes. There is a huge number of chains that you could actually choose from if you bother to take a look and observe them. The price, style, and even the quality of the necklace actually even varies depending on the kind of chain that you choose to buy. Some chains can be used as statement necklaces and are independent from pendants as they are able to stand out with or without pendants hanging on them. There are also necklace chains that look so good when you hang pendants on them. The decision is actually up to you of what you want to purchase, but, let’s help you look for the perfect necklace chain that fits your style. Check out the different sorts of necklace chains below!

Anchor Chain

Anchor chains are a kind of necklace chain originated from the chain which is used to anchor a ship or a boat. Anchor chains are otherwise known as mariner’s chain. This kind of necklace chain is distinguished by its oval shaped links that are uniform in size and are arranged in horizontal and vertical alternates. Anchor chains are considered to be one of the strongest kind of necklace chains are have two variations – flat anchor chain, and round anchor chain. The difference between these two variations of anchor chains are the outer chain links of the necklace wherein the flat anchor chain has a flat outer surface, and the round anchor chain is slightly in a round shape. This piece of jewelry is very popular among buyers and is considered as one of the classic styles of necklace chains.

Bar Chain

Bar chain is a kind of necklace chain characterized by small circular or oval links, or jump rings, which connect the metal bar links. The metal bar links are also shaped into different ways from curve, twisted, hollow, solid, elongated, to any other combinations of shape. However, the most popular metal bar links among all the others is the straight bar. Bar chains are otherwise called link chains. Bar chains are also very virtually interesting, but, it is not as strong as other necklace chains since the jump rings are smaller than the other connecting bars.

Byzantine Chain

Byzantine chain is otherwise known as idiot’s delight chain, birdcage chain, or King’s braid chain. This kind of necklace chain has a very intricate design characterized with group of links interconnected with each other. With this complex technique of interlocking links, this chain necklace is very sturdy and the final product looks like a rope. Byzantine chain is very expensive because its design uses a lot of metal links.

Spiga/Wheat Chain

Spiga/wheat chain is a kind of necklace chain created with four oval-shaped stands and twisted oval-shaped links. The name of this chain got from the way the links resemble the grains on the head of a wheat stalk when it is interspersed and “spiga/espiga” is the Spanish word for wheat. Spiga/wheat chain is one of those kinds of necklace that you can wear alone (without a pendant) because its beauty stands out alone. This kind of chain looks really lovely and definitely catches the public’s attention.