Ear Rings Back Variation of Designs

Posted on November 14, 2016, 4:09 am
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Ear rings are jewelry pieces which designs range from simple to complicated ones. They are jewelry items which do not only cling on our ears with a single piece, rather, are composed with two parts. The front designs of ear rings are very much appreciated. However, their backs are the most important part of the jewelry. Ear ring backs help secure that our earrings are put in place. Therefore, these items are equally significant to other jewelry pieces. These are some of the various designs of ear ring backs that you should be able to learn.

Clip Earrings

Clip earrings are jewelry items which are perfect for those individuals who desire to wear an earring but have not pierced their ears. They are not necessarily composed of two pieces of jewelry item as their function is to simply clip on a person’s earlobe. You can opt for clip earrings if you want to wear heavy ear pieces for costumes and other stuff. It is very simple and convenient to wear, plus, it does not require you to put a hole in your ears if you do not desire to have one.

French Wire

French wires are an ear ring back variation which is usually used for drop earrings. These ear ring backs rely on the weight of the earring jewelry to secure it in place. It is characterized by a curved wire hook which is often directly attached to the earring. It slides right through the hole of your pierced ear and hangs in there. French wires are otherwise called as fish hooks.

Latch Back

Latch backs are another ear ring back variation which is generally used for hoop earrings. Usually, these ear ring backs have a hinged post which goes through the hole of your ear. It would then snap in a certain degree angle to the other side of the earring in order to secure the jewelry in place. There are other varieties of latch back earring which posts do not move. These posts go directly towards the ear and slides into a hole to the other side of the earring. This motion creates a continuous loop.

Lever Back

The earrings which contain a lever back is characterized by a curved piece of metal. It goes through the ear and a metal latch that goes over the curved piece which holds the earring jewelry in place. These variation of earring backs are designed in order to fit perfectly into an individual’s ear which gives so much comfort to wear. Lever back designs are usually used for dangling and/or hoop earrings.

Push Backs

Push backs are another variation of earring backs which are otherwise called as friction backs. These earring backs are the most common of all. An earring jewelry is secured by push backs through sliding the back directly up the earring post until the jewelry is perfectly in place. These type of earring backs are usually used in stud earrings, and lightweight drop or dangle earrings.

Screw On

A screw on earring back is another variation which totally guarantees security. The design of screw on backs are quite similar with push backs, however, these earring backs require a grooved posts. These grooved posts requires a person to literally screw the earring back in place. This variation of earring backs is often used for expensive jewelry items such as diamond studs or platinum earrings.