Earrings Style Variations for Men You Should Check Out!

Posted on October 29, 2016, 9:43 am
5 mins

Earrings are a pair of jewelry that both women and men are fond of. Fortunately, jewelry makers have made designs of this jewelry item to both sex. There are a lot of earring styles which are made purposely for the women, but, men can choose various styles of this jewelry item as well. If you are a man who desires to wear an earring, you should check out these various styles of earrings. Find out which of these styles is perfect for you.

Barbels Earring

A pair of barbel earrings jewelry is one of the most famous style of earrings designed for men. These jewelry items are characterized by a barbel-like design. This jewelry design can also be distinguished into three – curved barbel, gauge barbel, and straight barbel. Curved barbels are slightly bent into a curve with round or pointed tips similar with a barbel. Gauged barbels are similarly bent like curved barbels but its bent too much that it could almost form into a circle. Straight barbels, on the other hand, are literally straight metals with round or pointed tips. Straight barbels are commonly used for body piercings, whereas gauged earring are commonly used for when you pierce your ear cartilage. The length of these earring styles vary depending on your preference.

Clip-on Earring

If you wanted to wear an earring but does not want to get your ear pierced, a clip-on earring is perfect for you! This earring design is an alternative way of wearing this kind of jewelry item. This clip-on earring is able to hold onto the ear lobes through a hinged clip. This earring style also has an attached charm or dangle to further accentuate the simplicity of its aesthetic.

Hoop Earring

The hoop earring design is not only available to women, but, also to men as well! A hoop earring is a jewelry design characterized by circular or semi-circular design that penetrates the ear lobe with a post or a wire. These items are usually created from a hollow tube that has a permanently attached wire which is secured in the ear. This earring style is perfect for anyone who likes to look subtly cool. In fact, this style of earring has never left vogue fashion!

Magnetic Earring

Another alternative style for anyone who does not want to have their ear pierced but wants to wear one is a magnetic earring. This earring is distinguished by its simple design similar with studs. The only difference is that, instead of penetrating it through the ear lobe, you are just going to have to glue it onto your ear. A magnet is actually put in the back of the metal to ensure that the earring would stay in place.

Novelty Earring

The novelty earring design is actually a very unique jewelry item. The design of this earring style varies from any shapes and sizes depending on the preference of the wearer. It is otherwise known as a symbol earring because you can actually purchase a design which might signify something. You are able to wear this earring in any part of your ear.

Plugs/Spacers Earring

This style of earring is otherwise known as gaps, flesh tunnels, or bullet holes. Individuals who use this earring style must have a desire of putting a quite large hole in their earlobe compared to the usual. This earring is characterized by its cylindrical form. It goes into the piercing in the lower ear lobe and stays in place because of the flares in either sides of the cylinder. The size of this earring increases by a couple of millimeters and men who use this earring will get bigger holes in their earlobes.

Stud Earring

A stud earring is one of the most common earring design that both men and women love to wear. They can be made with metals such as gold, silver and stainless steel. Gemstones, beads, and charms are also added to further enhance the aesthetic of this jewelry.