Explore the Magic of Marcasite Rings

Posted on February 05, 2016, 11:27 am
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The love for marcasite jewelry is simply beyond explanation! If you are someone who admires the antiquity of art, marcasite is perhaps the best metal you would ever wish for. In addition, if you are an ardent fan of rings, you cannot afford to give marcasite rings a miss. Designer sterling silver marcasite rings can make you fall for them at the very first glance. An easy alternate for garish gold rings and boring silver rings, marcasite rings give your personality a natural bounce. You can look stylish; feel stylish with marcasite rings and accessories.

Marcasite: History & Significance

Most marcasite rings bring to you the finest combination of cuts and designs. These rings present you a mix of diamond cuts and filigree patterns to appeal you the most. If we trace the origin, it would lead us to ancient Greece. Cleopatra used to value Marcasite metal as to safeguard her beauty. Marcasite shares its few properties with gold as well. It is also available in a range of colors from dark grey to black as gold varies from yellow to gold. Widely used for making traditional ornaments, marcasite continues to holds its charm even today.

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925 Sterling Silver Green Aventurine With Marcasite Jewelry set

925 Sterling Silver Red Coral With Marcasite Earring

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