Fashion Jewelry Clearance Sal

Posted on March 31, 2010, 4:48 am
2 mins is offering a clearance of women fashion jewelry .The
fashion jewelry consist of costume bangle , crystal set, cross
pendants, crystal earrings, 18k Gold Plated crystal earrings, pearls
with crystal earrings and pendants.

The charming women accessory bangle is made of crystal and a free size
with the width of 30mm with crystal stones attached to it.

Our beautiful crystal costume set which has the earrings and pendant is
an elegant jewelry because a crystal jewelry is always adorable at the
night functions.

An 18k gold plated jewelry is a second next jewelry which looks similar
to gold. If want to wear something similar to gold choose our 18k Gold
Plated Crystal Earring is the most different out of all the collections
of the jeweleries from our entire web store. This piece of jewelry can
be used as a daily wear and its extremely stylish and up to trend in
the today’s era. It has a measurement of 13mm W x 30mm L and weighs 6.2
Grams. Also an 18k Gold Platted Costume Jewelry Pedant which has has 1
piece of Pink Sapphire CZ 14 mm and 12pcs white CZ . It measures 46 L x
26 W mm, it weighs 13 grams. Another pair of an 18k Gold Plated Fashion
Jewelry Pendant has a 1pc Violet CZ 18mm and 12pcs white CZ . It
measures 28 L x 47 W mm, it weighs 12.20 grams.

While the pearls have always been adorned by all and a preference to
every youth. We offer a crystal earring attached to pearl. This
lavishing fashion earrings measures 10mm W x 30mm L, and weighs 3.9

If looking for a pendants, rhodium platted pendants is the best because
it is the most durable from out of all the jewelry. has
a rhodium plated pendants in CZ with pink stones, citrine, blue
sapphire, amethyst, blue topaz, black sapphire and Garnet.

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