Gemstone Necklace

Posted on September 21, 2010, 2:25 pm
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A gemstone necklace is not always a pearl necklace but can also be of a agate , rose quartz, black onyx, tuquoise, marcasite and more…


925 Sterling Silver Natural Carnelian And Black Onyx Necklace  Stone size :40x40mm ( W x L ), Bead size : 10mm, 6mm, 4mm ; 16.5 Inch Long


Stone size : 25 x 28mm ( W X L ), Bead size : 8mm, 6mm , 4mm ; 16.5 Inch Long


Shell Jewelry is known as an evergreen collection and here is the most popular jewelry.



925 Sterling Silver Natural Shell Necklace   Shell size : 12x22mm (W x L) and size 19 Inch Long

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