Check Out These Beautiful Gemstone Pendants Based on Your Birth Month!

Posted on October 13, 2016, 6:57 am
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Gemstones are very precious materials that everyone adores. They are usually one of the materials used in crafting jewelry items. The sole purpose of gemstones is to enhance the beauty of the jewelry items that are sold to the public. Moreover, these valued stones are very significant to a lot of people because not only do these stones give decoration to jewelry, they also signify something. Gemstones are usually associated with every month of the calendar, hence, they are also called birth stones. Since then, gemstones or birth stones have been very significant to people as they believe that these stones symbolize their characters based on their month of birth. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to buy jewelry items which are decorated with these special stones. Almost all types of jewelry can be decorated with gemstones, however, there is one item which emphasizes the beauty of gemstones even more — a pendant. When buying a necklace, the pendant is the center of attraction to it which is why we do not only consider the kind of chain that we buy, but, we also consider the pendant’s design.

Pendants decorated with gemstones are very much a favorite among many jewelry lovers! Check out the different gemstones used in pendants which are also associated with your month of birth.

Garnet Pendant (January)

For all the January babies out there, your birth stone is the gemstone garnet. Garnet is usually mined in a rainbow of colors, from the color orange of Mandarin Garnet to a color green of Tsavorite Garnet, to the most famously acknowledged color of the Pyrope Garnet. The gemstone garnet symbolizes the gift of friendship and trust. Based on ancient beliefs, a person who wears this gemstone is kept safe when he/she is in travel.

Amethyst Pendant (February)

The month of February, which is by far the shortest month in the calendar, holds the the gemstone amethyst as its birth stone. Amethyst a variety of Quartz which carries the purple color. Its color ranges from deep red violet to a lighter hue of lilac. Ancients believed that who ever wears the amethyst gemstone strengthens his/her relationships with other people and gives him/her courage. It has also been believed that the wearer of this gemstones is protected from being drunk and guarded from any kind of intoxication. The word amethyst actually came from the Greek word amethystos which means “sober”.

Aquamarine Pendant (March)

For the month of March, it holds the gemstone aquamarine which is very rich in color. Aquamarine ranges its color from pale to deep blue and resembles the color of the sea. This gemstone has been the symbol of the youth. Ancient people believed that this gemstone cures diseases of liver, heart, and stomach. The gemstone aquamarine has also been likened to the god Neptune and people believed that anyone who wears this gemstone will be guarded against any dangers in the ocean.

Diamond Pendant (April)

Diamond is a very expensive gemstone that everybody just wants to get. April babies are very lucky because they hold diamond as their birthstone. Aside from its undeniable radiance and shine, this gemstone is a symbol of love, and it has been believed to show courage. This is probably the reason why most rings are covered with diamonds when someone decides to give it to someone that they love. Moreover, diamonds also go with various colors such as blue, pink, and yellow. Diamond in Sanskrit is also called “vajra” which means lightning.

Emerald Pendant (May)

The month of May holds the precious gemstone which carries a rich green color of Spring, the emerald. Emeralds are considered to be a symbol of fertility, rebirth, and love. This gemstone is actually a favorite of Cleopatra. Romans of the ancient times dedicated this gemstone to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. As of today, emeralds are considered to signify wisdom, growth, and patience.

Pearl/Alexandrite Pendant (June)

The month of June claims to have two birth stones – pearl and alexandrite. Alexandrites are not that common however to most people, its because these gemstones are very rare. The gemstone Alexandrite changes its color based on lighting which is why it is very desirable to some people. Pearls, on the other hand, are the most commonly known birth stone of June. Pearl are a symbol of purity. Ancient people believe that pearls are the hardened tears of the goddess Aphrodite.

Ruby Pendant (July)

The gemstone associated for the month of July is regarded as the king of gems. Ruby is a symbol of love, health, and wisdom, and was believed to protect anyone who wears it from evilness. Its deep red color represents love and passion in modern times. The gemstone ruby is very valuable and its value varies from its color and quality.

Peridot/Spinel Pendant (August)

The month of August also claims to hold two birth stones, the peridot and spinel. However, the most commonly used gemstone among people is the peridot. Peridot is recognized with its signature lime green color and symbolizes strength. Ancient people believed that these crystals are tears of the volcano goddess Pele since peridots were found in the ashes of volcano. Whoever wears this gemstone are said to be guarded from nightmares. Spinel, on the other hand, comes with a brilliant range of colors. It has also been believed that the person who wears this gemstone is protected from any harm and soothes the feeling of sadness.

Sapphire Pendant (September)

For September babies, their month holds the gemstone which is most desired in its pure, rich blue color – the sapphire. This gemstone was once believed to guard anyone against evil and poisoning. Those who wear this precious stone is also said to protect anyone who is close to the wearer from any harm. Sapphire symbolizes purity and wisdom, and is said to represent loyalty and trust.

Opal/Tourmaline Pendant (October)

October also claims to hold two birth stones, the opal and tourmaline. The most famously known birth stone for this month however, is the opal. Opal is a very unique gemstone as it is a combination of colors. It also symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. Tourmaline, on the other hand, is a favorite of others because of its beautiful rainbow colors.

Topaz/Citrine Pendant (November)

The month of November also claims to hold two birth stones, the topaz and citrine, having topaz as the most famously used birth stone for this month. Topaz signifies love and affection, and, it is believed that anyone who wears this will have an increase of intelligence and strength. Citrine, on the other hand, is believed to be a gift from the sun and is believed to be a healing stone.

Turquoise/Zircon/Tanzanite Pendant (December)

People born on December have claimed to have three birth stones – turquoise, zircon, tanzanite. Turquoise have been the most popular among these three stones and is believed to relax the mind and protect the wearer from harm. Turquoise is also regarded as the love charm. All three gemstones have a unique color blue tone, but, Zircon can be found in many other color variations.