Get To Know Some of the Enchanting Facts About Anklets!

Posted on October 05, 2016, 6:52 am
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Anklets are like leg bracelets, wouldn’t you agree? It is a chain wrapped around the ankle area of our feet in order to give a full complete preppy look. Anklets have been a fashion fad during the 90’s and right now it is making a comeback on fashion trends just like chokers, and toe rings. Undeniably, when someone wears an anklet, it absolutely gives a whole new meaning and aesthetic to a person’s style. It looks very tasteful to fashion enthusiasts and it surely brings your style to a whole new level of sexiness.


However, anklets are more than just accessories to beautify our feet. These precious items actually hold meaningful facts that everyone who loves to wear these jewelry should be able to know in order for you to appreciate these items even more.


Come and take a closer look on some of the incredible facts that you should know about your favorite jewelry.

Fact 1:

During the Middle Ages, anklets are worn by women to give a luxurious and delicate attraction to men. They were joined from foot to foot with a short chain. In some cases, people take wearing anklets into an extreme level where the anklets are soldered and could not be removed.

Fact 2:

In Europe, Bronze Age anklets have been found. This discovery suggests that the anklet jewelry has been around since 1800BC.

Fact 3:

In Indian culture, anklets are an important jewelry item during marriages. They are worn on either ankle and is very typical for the Eastern culture. On the other side of the world, in the Western culture, anklets are worn mostly on the right ankle. These jewelry item are very popular with both men and women alike.

Fact 4:

Anklets are jewelry which can be made from metals such as silver or gold. However, these items could also be made using other materials such as leather, fabric, plastic or beads.

Fact 5:

Ankle chains were primarily discovered during the excavation of Sumerian tombs wherein samples of these items were first seen and discovered. Sumerians are actually considered to be the “cradle of civilization”. They lived in the southernmost region of Mesopotamia over 4500 years ago.

Fact 6:

During the era of the Ancient Egypt, anklets worn by female Egyptians are considered to be a symbol of their fortune and social status. If a woman is wearing a golden or silver anklet which have decorations of precious stones, it suggests that she is married to a wealthy man. The slaves or plebeians, on the other hand, were usually seen wearing leather or metallic anklets.

Fact 7:

Anklets are also a great accessories for dancing. The metallic chains of an anklet could be complemented with some rich trinkets or charms to jingle and tinkle gently while a person is dancing. These styles of anklets are extensively in use even now and mostly among Arabian belly dancers.

Fact 8:

In America, the invasion of anklets came during the ‘70s and it instantly became a favorite accessory of free-spirited ladies who are searching for freedom everywhere and in everything. This favoritism thus made anklets an effective components of the very much adorned bohemian style.