Simple Guidelines on How To Perfectly Fashion Anklets

Posted on October 06, 2016, 1:56 pm
5 mins

To be able to look good from head to foot is an achievement that most people are up to. Being able to look your best everyday while expressing yourself is a kind of freedom that everybody needs and is aiming for. Accessories help us achieve a certain statement in the way we dress ourselves up. Incredibly, such accessories are made available not only for our heads but also for our feet!


One of the highly appreciated jewelry items used in the lower portion of our body are anklets and good news because they are now back on trend! These jewelry items are one of the most rare but are also very enchanting accessories that many other fashion enthusiasts use. It gives so much character to your overall style especially if you wanted to look a bit more fancy. Of course, there are constructive ways on how to properly style anklets, and mix and match these jewelry items according to your chosen outfit from your closet.


Most people who use anklets are those who opt for a bohemian style, or anyone who is free-spirited when it comes to style. Let us take a look at some of the simple and useful guidelines on how we could perfectly flaunt our feet with our favorite designs of anklets!


Number 1:


Anklets are apparently designed to give attraction to our feet so the main objective of a person in using such jewelry item is to make sure that these could be seen by other people. The best clothing item to wear if you plan to wear an anklet are shorts, skirts, mini dresses, and/or cuffed jeans. These jewelry item is best used by during summer! You can use it on hot summer nights or when you are about to wander on the beach with some fancy look.

Number 2:


Since anklets give attraction to your feet, you also have to make sure that you have properly groomed them! Make sure to hit the salon for a pedicure and/or foot spa to remove calluses to make you have a smooth feet, and, for a more preppy look, you can put nail polish on your toenails. However, if you are too tired to go to the salon, you can also do it at home! Search for a do-it-yourself tasks on how to give your feet a foot spa or watch tutorials. When your feet look definitely smooth and clean, it gives a much better sophistication when you wear anklets around the ankle area.

Number 3:


Wearing anklets also have restrictions when it comes to the kind of work you have. If you are working in an business company for instance, it might be improper to wear these kind of jewelry. After all, etiquette is something that we do not want to violate as it is essential to the social aspect of our lives. So, make sure to wear anklets in an appropriate place and time, for example, during your causal days, or when you are on vacation, or in a bohemian themed party (where it is very much acceptable).

Number 4:


Avoid wearing anklets over socks or stockings. The most convenient way to wear these jewelry items are only when your ankles are bare.

Number 5:


Make sure to wear an anklet which perfectly fits your ankle area and which looks really good with your feet. If you have thin and tender feet, choose anklets which are thin and metallic. You could even use thin plastic ones. However, if your feet is not so thin and you want to make them look a little slimmer, the trick is to use medium-sized trinkets.k10


To give an additional fancy look, you could hang charms to your anklets. There are a lot of charms to choose from! You could hang a charm designed as a flower, hearts, animals, or even your name’s initials! This would absolutely make your anklets look unique and eye catching.