Handmade Jewelry – Clearance Sale

Posted on March 31, 2010, 4:42 am
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Handmade Jewelry - Clearance SaleWelcome to Kamarsilver.com! The store of handmade jeweleries, precious jewelry ,silver jeweleries and semi precious jewelry with unique selections!

Excellent gifts, Kamarsilver.com is an up coming jewelry web store offering a clearance sale on handmade jewelry for the best prices guaranteed!

Clearance Sale on handmade jewelry receives a great discount and bargains over the handcrafted items.

Kamarsilver.com handmade jeweleries includes pendants, earrings and bangles. The stones such as a turquoise, red coral , pearls, shell and black onyx. The metal collection is available in Vintage Wood and 925 Sterling Silver.

The clearance sale of handmade jewelry pendant :

1. Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver with the weights of 12.60 grams and measures 26 x 45mm (W X L)
2. Black Onyx Sterling Silver Pendant with the measurement of 21mm x 38mm ( W X L ) weighing 6.90 grams.
3. Vintage Wood Fashion Bangle with the weight of 24.60 grams diameters, 23mm wide and weighs 24.60 grams

All of our clearance sale jewelry is of fine quality. They range a reasonable price!

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