High End Jewelry

Posted on March 31, 2010, 4:57 am
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Kamarsilver.com introduces the latest high end jewelry. Our collection of the high end jewelry is materialized by 925 sterling silver jewelry with the gem type of a mother of pearl.

Our beautiful high end jewelry acts as a brooch as well as a pendant, it is a fancy shape stone type with the weight of 9.80 grams and size 35mm W x 26mm L. Stamped with 925 sterling. The charming collection is a great Christmas gift because it is a High End Jewelry for Classy Outfits. We offer high quality and competitive prices of the high end jewelry and an experience in manufacturing high quality

The 2 new arrivals of the high end jewelry
1. 925 Silver Butterfly Pendant, Brooch – Size : 35mm W x 26mm L ; Gem type : Natural Mother Of Pearl and weight 10.30 grams
2. 925 Silver Butterfly Pendant, Brooch – Metal type : 925 sterling silver ; total product weight : 8.90 grams

The best selling high end jewelry : Natural Fresh Water Pearl Stone Bead Necklace With Real Stone Brooch and 925 Thailand jewelry Silver Grub Pendant, Brooch – Gem type : Natural Opal ; Size : 25mm W x 30mm L ; weight – 9.4 grams. It is Genuine Natural Opal set in a Grub like shape of sterling silver setting with artistic creation. It will make a perfect gift for someone special.