Hoop Earrings Style Variations to Check Out

Posted on November 05, 2016, 5:21 am
4 mins

Hoop earrings are one of the most popular earring jewelry there is. These jewelry pieces are characterized by its usually round-shaped metal design. They are made from metals such as silver, gold, and stainless steel. Hoop earrings or otherwise simply called as hoops are classic jewelry items. Their style can vary from different fashion eras or preferences. In fact, hoops have variations of style to choose from which could certainly fit your taste! Check out these hoop earring’s style variations and find out what’s perfect for you.

Basic Thin Hoop Earring

The basic thin hoop earring jewelry style is characterized by its simple round-shaped metal design. The size of this hoop earring depends on your preference. It could go from medium to a large size. These earrings are best to wear with absolutely anything. You can use it in your casual and/or even your formal wear. This hoop earring style may be very simple but it is equally sophisticated.

Bold/Professional Hoop Earring

A bold hoop earring is characterized by its small to medium size wide hoops. This hoop earring design goes well with formal wears. If you are aiming for a professional look and would like to put some glimmer in your outfit through jewelry pieces, this style of earring jewelry will help you achieve it. The style is very simple, yet it accentuates a strong, and smart appeal. Since its design is not too complicated and its size goes to only a medium one, it does not distract nor overwhelm your overall appearance.

Gemstones, Beads and Charms Hoop Earring


Gemstones, beads, and charms are precious materials which are always present when it comes to jewelry designs. They help accentuate the aesthetics of a certain jewelry item. It gives another character to the style of jewelry pieces. These hoop earrings which are decorated with these precious materials give you a chic, preppy, and very colorful style. It goes beyond the casualty of an outfit. If you want to give colors or further decorations to your plain outfit, wearing these style of hoops are the best way to do so.

Patterned, Shaped and Textured Hoop Earring


A hoop earring is not only recognized as a round-shaped metal design earring, in fact, there are hoops which are made with different shapes! Depending on your preference, you can wear hoops which are triangular, diamond, or even square shaped. Various shapes give a much more different style when worn. There are also hoops which are designed with different patterns. This gives a quite intricate touch to the simplicity of hoops. Textured hoops also exist. They are different from patterned hoops as textured are not necessarily designed with certain patterns, but, the goal is to create texture with the surface of the earrings. These different hoop designs are very unique and will certainly give a whole new character to your style.


Twisted Hoop Earring


Twisted hoops are characterized by a seemingly twisted metals of the earrings. The size of these hoops goes from small to medium. Its design gives a fun impression to your style. It also gives a classic chic look to your overall outfit. This design is different from textured and patterned hoops, although all these three hoop styles give an intricate design to the earring jewelry and a different taste of style to the wearer.