How To Properly Fashion Your Favorite Nose Rings

Posted on September 06, 2016, 5:58 am
4 mins

nose ring 1Aesthetics is one of the reasons as to why nose rings are now coming back on trend nowadays. The inclination of wearing this body jewelry has been on and off fashion and right now, it is completely back on!


People who are very passionate when it comes to the hottest trend in fashion, and of fashion overall, are now going crazy about the comeback of wearing nose rings and they have been either making a do-it-yourself video of how to make fake nose rings or are really going on to their decision of piercing their noses.


As many of you may or may not yet know, nose rings can be done on the bridge or the septum of the nose. It actually depends on your choice as to which part of your nose you want to pierce it or put fake nose rings on. Whether you want to truly pierce your nose or just put on a fake nose ring, knowing the best way to fashion this body jewelry is just as important as choosing the best jewelry!


One of the many reasons behind people who want to try wearing nose rings is the beauty that it gives to the person’s appearance. Because a nose ring enhances the attractiveness of the individual who wears it, he or she must look for a nose ring which suits his/her style.

For instance, you can pair a basic silver nose ring with a simple white shirt, leather jacket, and jeans. This could give a very casual but grungy look. This style is best for those individuals who are opting for something edgy and a little bit gothic.

You can also pair your nose rings with something to wear. This could give an individual a majestic look. This style suits best to people who admires the classiness of the regal look.

If you are going on a formal occasion and you have prepared for a look that is something proper but still wants to put edginess to it by putting on a nose ring, you can wear a small metal stud or a simple diamond stud. This look is the best way to prove that nose rings have a place on every occasion, even the formal ones.

If you are still a beginner of wearing nose rings and you have no idea of how and what to wear with it, you can actually start by putting on something small and elegant at the end of your septum. Make sure to keep it casual and classic by wearing a simple shirt and jeans. You also have to keep all your other jewelries into a minimum. If you are going on a night out and want to try something flashy, you can wear a nose ring with a little enhancement and pair it with your most simple yet elegant dresses.

Another reason for wearing nose rings is individuality. Many people wanted to express their selves by putting on tattoos and/or body piercings. Nose rings, for example, could be a symbol of edginess to other people. For some, nose rings could be a way of expressing a badass personality. If you wanted to express something, make sure to look for a nose ring which best suits your character.

The key to look perfectly stunning and good with your nose rings is to make sure that the rest of your look is polished. So, if you wanted to pull off this body jewelry, consider our advices on how to properly fashion nose rings! If you are going to wear it, better wear it right!