Is Sterling Silver Real? Learn More About Its Facts

Posted on February 27, 2017, 7:28 am
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Sterling silver is a jewelry material that has reached its peak of popularity among jewelry enthusiasts around the world. Since then, many individuals have been curious about this material. A lot of people have also been fund of its jewelry products upon discovering its beauty. Many have asked the question “is sterling silver real?”. Perhaps, with its increased popularity comes a great deal of authenticity. Certainly, there are factual information about this material that has yet to be disseminated to many people. It is important for individuals who are interested in buying sterling silver products to gain more knowledge about the material. Through this, many of its buyers and even future buyers will trust more on its product and will be guaranteed good quality service.

Is sterling silver real?

The authenticity of sterling silver has always been questioned. For your information, sterling silver is a combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. These other metals could be an alloy, copper, or anything that ensures its strength while preserving its ductility. Silver is required to be mixed with other metals because of its high malleability. Creating products with fine silver, which is 99% silver, is not plausible. This is because the product of fine silver is generally too soft which means that it is impossible to produce functional objects. Regardless, sterling silver is real and authentic. It is crafted in a way that it should satisfy its customers when it comes to their jewelry needs.

Sterling Silver Qualities

Sterling silver attributes qualities which other metals probably do not possess. These exceptional qualities are what made it popular to the masses. One of its unique feature is its versatility when it comes to style. Sterling silver jewelry products can be styled in any occasions, and with any outfit available in your closet. This means that you can wear it on casual days or formal events. Furthermore, its versatility also applies in other jewelry items. There is absolutely no harm in pairing sterling silver jewelry items with your other accessories!

Brilliance is also another distinctive feature that sterling silver possesses. Sterling silver jewelry is distinctive because of this feature. When you compare it with other jewelry material, its glow surely stands out among the rest. Sterling silver jewelry, when worn, will surely radiate a person’s overall appearance. Especially when it is designed with other intricate materials such as precious stones. Any kind of gemstone will absolutely look good with sterling silver. Because of its neutral color, it is guaranteed to complement other hues.

The most important quality of sterling silver products is its aesthetics. Jewelry manufacturers have made sure that the designs of sterling silver favors both classy and trendy styles. This is completely significant because it allows a wide range of buyers to loosely choose from their various style preference. The overall aesthetics of sterling silver is particularly impressive. It surely captures the attention of most people.

If there is someone you know who asks you, “is sterling silver real?”, let them know these facts! With these information, its authenticity will be stopped from getting questioned. Rather, it will be mostly appreciated.