Jewellry Collections

Posted on June 13, 2011, 4:51 pm
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925 Sterling Silver Micro Setting CZ Pendant

925 sterling silver CZ bangle, entirely made from Bangkok, Thailand
directed from our factory. Start with the newest style of the New
Year’s trend of CZ mix with white and black stones. Spark with the
bracelet which is a beauty on any wrist. The diamond cubic zirconia
adds both the shine and an elegance.  The perfect accessory for any
outfit. It is a timeless design that is so elegant in its simplicity.

Silver jewelry
in every collections no matter in pink gold has swayed the market with
its beauty. Especially a pendant. It falls to be the jewelry of 2011,
these glittery, sparkling stones is glorious with its charm.

Shopping online in particular may allow you to find exquisitely jewelry
accessories in various sizes and shapes, including small ear studs
to more elaborate designs.

925 Sterling Silver Mother Of Pearl With Marcasite Bracelet

Versatile enough to wear during the day and for more formal evening
outings, onyx rings open up a world of variety in terms of your jewelry
accessories. Whether you prefer gold or silver, onyx jewelry may be
extremely complementary. Affordable as well as stunning, black onyx
rings may end up being one of your most satisfying jewelry investments.

This elegant marcasite ring is made entirely of .925 Sterling silver. It
boasts a new, unique design that women love and that compliments any
social situation.
This piece of jewelry is classic and timeless bracelet that anyone
would enjoy and cherish.