Jewelry for Asians

Posted on March 31, 2010, 5:51 am
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Asia, is perhaps the continent with the richest culture all over the
world. Asia is the only continent known for it abundance in precious

Glance at the Asian Jewelry History :

Many of the Asian wear jeweleries for various reasons such as in the
Chinese culture. The most desired jewelry is a Jade. The Chinese
jewelry is believed and said to be a purpose of good luck, health and

While in the Indian culture, the Indian women wears a gold as a symbol of a married woman.
For any auspicious occasion gold jewelry is gifted and this trend is still being carried forward.

Here are some collections of Asian Jewelry : brings the world’s finest Jade jewelry collections with
an exceptional and a diverse range of stunning selections of the carved
green jades in Natural Jade 925 Sterling Silver hoop Earring, Natural
Jade Sterling Silver Pendant and Sterling Silver Natural Jade with
White Cubic Zirconium Ring.

The lovely jade ring also symbolizes of a married life and our 925
sterling silver jade ring has 2 pieces of jade and 4 pieces of white
cubic zircon. We have different sizes of ring and the ring is stamped
with .925. The ring weighs 4 grams.

The Jade Sterling Silver Pendant is connected with 2pieces Natural Jade
stones, measures 14mm x 28mm (W x L) and weighs 2.50 grams.

Our 925 Sterling Silver Jade Hook Earring is a square cut shape with
the size of 14mm x 34mm and weighs 8.20 grams., Jade
Bracelet is made by 925 sterling silver and it measures of 7.5inch and
weighs 7.8 grams.

A gold jewelry will always remain and symbolize a wealth and status.
22K Solid Gold Jeweled Fancy Earring with the product weight of 3.99
grams and a the best quality of CZ stone. also has 10K Yellow Gold Genuine Alexandrite Ring, 10K Yellow Gold Genuine Garnet, Diamond Ring.