Jewelry of the week

Posted on January 07, 2011, 3:53 pm
10 secs

This is our first write up, after the New Years. We actually missed you! Nevermind, we’re back now! We’ll get you the best of the selection as well as the latest and the newest trend. Our jewelry of the week is a 925 sterling silver pendant / rhodium platted.



925 Sterling Silver Black CZ Pendant

Hunt down with the finest quality and one of the main source of jewelry located in Bangkok. This year, we have many new collections in a wide range with the best prices. Rhodium plated pendants is one of the greatest way to add a flare to an outfit.

925 Sterling Silver Champagne Pendant

A champagne color, isn’t it sweet to start a year with this beautiful thought? They are one of the best pieces which matches any ear stud.

Our pendants provides jewelry designs with a beautiful focal point and tie components together into an untied theme.