Kamarsilver.com has Silver Jewelry Best Accessory For You

Posted on May 25, 2010, 9:41 am
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Kamarsilver.com has the best sterling silver jewelry accessory for you whether in crystal jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, pearl jewelry, fashion jewelry or a high end jewelry.

We have the largest and the best selection of silver jewelry – rings, brooch, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, neck chains and pendants.

We have many different styles of silver jewelry with the top quality of precious stones and semi – precious stones and marcasite watches.

Our fashion jewelry in 18k gold plated bracelets and rings. The limited selection of the fashion jewelry in pendant is in the total weight of 1.10  grams with the round stone shape, size of 11mm x 18mm and a gem type of white CZ.

The handcrafted is an Amber jewelry which is a 925 silver natural amber bracelet measuring 18″ (W x L), weighs 39.90 grams. The beauty of this amber jewelry is a result of a good polishing and a precise cut of a variety of amber stones.

Pearl jewelry, especially the pearl pendant still remains to be a popular demand in the fashion world till date.

One of our 925 Sterling Silver White CZ, Pearl Pendant and its size : 20 mm x 35 mm (W x L) with its weight of 6.20 grams

Kamarsilver.com is the right source for you when selecting of the accessory whether in modern or traditional.

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