Ear Locations that You Could Pierce an Ear Ring On

Posted on November 14, 2016, 3:45 am
6 mins

An ear ring is a jewelry item that we wear on our ears to add aesthetics to our looks. It is very undeniable that these jewelry pieces help accentuate our features. Although, there are also ear ring designs which may overwhelm us. Ear piercings have been a very popular trend in fashion. It had even evolved to certain levels where in a person is able to pierce his/her ears as much as he/she wants. You can pierce your ears a number of times depending on whichever you desire. This allows you to actually create your own style and character. Being able to put on jewelry on your ears gives justification to a strong and fierce personality. There are actually different parts in your ear to which you could put an ear ring on. Here is a guide to various ear spaces that you could pierce and put jewelry items on:


Piercing your ears in the cartilage area is the second most popular ear piercings on trend. It can be done through a piercing gun. It heals for over 8-12 weeks. However, this part of the ear contains lesser blood which makes it very hard to heal immediately. Putting an ear ring into this area gives a very fierce and cool look. Moreover, it appeals mostly to teenagers and other individuals who wants to try something out of there comfort zone. It is considered frightening because it really looks painful and other people say it really is.


The conch area of is a part of the ear which is a large expanse of cartilage that forms the back of the ear. This is done through piercing the larger area of the cartilage which is above your ear lobes and anti-tragus of the inner ear. It usually heals for about 8-16 weeks. The jewelry pieces which you could wear if you try to pierce the conch area are ear rings or barbels.


The daith are of the ear is located between the rook and the ear canal. The healing process takes about 8-16 weeks if you desire to put an earring in this part of your ear. Round earrings are usually best to wear in this kind of ear piercing. It is not very popular to most because it looks real painful and only those who are brave enough to tolerate the pain do it. However, if you want to challenge yourself, you can always try putting an earring in this area. It could add up another level of coolness and fierceness to your style.

Ear Lobe/s

The standard and number one most popular ear piercing is the ear lobe/s. Most girls pierce their ear lobes at a young age. Some other men also pierce their ears in this area to spice up their style. The procedure is very simple which could be done by piercing guns or sterilized needles. The healing process takes only about 4-6 weeks. There are a lot of earring designs which you could wear in this area which makes it the most convenient of all ear piercings.


Industrial ear piercing is done through piercing two holes in the cartilage on the upper ear. The first hole is close to the head and the second one is close to the outer rim. The holes are usually connected with a long barbel (a different earring jewelry design). It is otherwise called the scaffold piercing. The healing process takes 3 months up to a year.


The rook area is a part of the ear located on the anti helix or the upper inside of the ear just above the tragus area. It is a thick fold of cartilage which makes piercing this area quite painful compared to the others. The healing process usually takes from 2 months up to 1 year.


The snug area is a part of the ear which is located halfway down the outer rim of the ear, on the inner cartilage, and above the anti-tragus. It is a fairly small and shallow area. The snug area’s cartilage is not very thick which makes piercing the area easier compared to the rook area. The healing process takes 8-16 weeks, but, it completely heals within 12 months. Usually, a barbel designed earring is used to wear in this kind of ear piercing.

Tragus and Anti-Tragus

A tragus piercing is the third most popular and desired ear piercing. It is a thick oval of cartilage that protrudes directly in the ear canal. The thickness of the cartilage in this area varies from each individual. The earring required in this piercing should be 6mm in length and up. The healing process takes 8-16 weeks and completely heals after a year.