Look Elegant by Choosing the Right Type of Silver Earrings for Your Face Shape

Posted on September 28, 2016, 1:50 pm
6 mins

A woman’s face is given the most attention when it comes to beauty, next is her body. We, girls, make sure that we are all pretty and attractive when we go out. Whether we go out on a date or on a party, it is very important that we look dashing enough to turn people’s head around us. Looking good is of course a very vital thing to do as it gives us a lot more confidence and self-esteem to ourselves. For our body, we choose the best outfit that we have in our closet, and for our face, we put on make up. However, to give a complete set of beautiful, jewelries are there to help us.


For our faces, wearing earrings help us look a bit more elegant. The most stunning metal for this jewelry which has taken an increased amount of popularity among jewelry buyers is the silver metal jewelry. Hence, silver earrings are your best friends when it comes to completing your desired sophisticated look!


There are a number of styles of silver earrings which you could find in different jewelry stores, even online! In order to look a hundred percent on fleek, you have to find the perfect style of silver earrings which would best suit your face shape.


Knowing the shapes of our faces is very important when it comes to fashion. This knowledge would help us to know better on what fits us more and what does not. Now, let us take a look on the different styles of silver rings and what best fits your face shape.


Oval Face Shape

A person who has an oval face shape is very lucky because it will suit her almost every style of silver earrings. The most effective way, however, for an oval face shape to look a bit more striking and to further accentuate the face shape’s beauty is to wear silver earrings which are dangling and in the shape of an oval. An oval face shape also looks good with teardrop styled silver earrings. These types of silver earrings will surely create balance and symmetry in an oval face shape.


Round Face Shape

For a person who has a round face shape, a teardrop and/or dangling style of silver earrings is best to wear in order for the face shape to give an elongated look. These styles of silver earrings would also help minimize the roundness or the puffiness of the face shape. Women with this face shape should avoid dangling silver earrings which have a circular shape as it would give them a wider facial appearance. Silver earrings which have a thin to medium width is a best fit to a person with a round face shape.


Heart Face Shape

Women with heart shaped faces should look for silver earrings which have elongated lines and/or curves. This style of silver earrings will help a person with heart face shape to accentuate her eyes, cheekbones, and jawline, and will balance out the facial shape. Silver earrings which are in dangles, teardrops, and chandelier style will give a perfect look for women who have this face shape.


Square Face Shape

A person with square face shape must choose silver earrings which have rounded designs. This style of silver earrings will help soften the edges of the person’s facial shape. The best options for this face shape are silver earrings which are elongated, dangling, and hoop pieces. These styles of silver earrings will help reduce the harsh edges that appear on their face shape and will make the face shape look smaller. A person with a square face shape should avoid silver earrings which have a wider style.


Oblong Face Shape

The best option for women who have an oblong face shape is to look for dangling silver earrings which have an elongated curve towards the end. This should give softness to the facial shape of a person and will further accentuate a person’s cheekbones.


Diamond Face Shape

For women with a diamond face shape, the best choice are silver earrings with long, elegant curves. Dangling and hoop styles of silver earrings also help accentuate the facial features of a person with this face shape. In order to reduce any sharpness around the cheekbones and/or jawline, select silver earrings with soft curves. Avoid wearing silver earrings which are shaped into diamonds as it might exaggerate the face shape.