Marcasite Jewelry Facts and Jewelry Designs

Posted on December 13, 2016, 2:34 pm
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Marcasite jewelry is another kind of jewelry item in which people have been in love with. Marcasite is a mineral otherwise known as the white iron pyrite. In fact, its name came from the Arabic word for Pyrite. The pyrite is used as a gemstone in jewelry making and is termed as marcasite. This precious stone is believed to have healing properties. It is also believed to have some metaphysical characteristics. For instance, being able to protect, energize, and enhance the mental qualities of an individual who wears this kind of jewelry.

For further information and knowledge about this exquisite jewelry item, here are some facts which might help you appreciate it even more:

Fact 1:

Unlike other precious gemstones which are also used for jewelry designs, marcasite does not associate with any particular sign in the zodiac. Although, it has been affiliated with the zodiac sign Leo due to the understanding that marcasite reflects the golden hues of the sunlight. Furthermore, because its likeness to gold and its believed ability to heal, marcasite is otherwise labeled as the “Healer’s Gold”.

Fact 2:

The surface of marcasite is reflective and it was then believed that the larger marcasite crystals were used as mirrors. Ironically, the ancient Mexicans actually use the surface of this precious stone as a scrying mirror. Since marcasite has quite a resemblance to gold, the Chinese was forced to believe that the stone is very magnificent that it is able to care away crocodiles.

Fact 3:

The mineral marcasite has been believed to heal. In fact, this is due to the evidence found by archaeologists which suggests that this precious stone possesses the magical powers of Indian medicine bundles and burial mounds. This evidence was also found in Greek and Roman sites. According to beliefs of ancient people, the marcasite is able to heal a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well. It is also believed that it even has the ability to heal and balance a person’s chakra.

Fact 4:

The forming of marcasite is through the process of crystallization of the unstable iron sulphide in the rhombic system. Furthermore, marcasite can be labeled as either Thai marcasite or Swiss marcasite as well. The design of the jewelry in which marcasite is used for its aesthetics had been very trendy in today’s fashion accessories. In addition, it has actually been very much adored during the Victorian era.


Marcasite jewelry items are produced with a vintage and classy look. You can absolutely find various designs which would fit your elite personality. Some of its jewelry designs consist of other intricate materials and precious stones to further enhance the aesthetics of the marcasite jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is often partnered with marcasite. You will be able to find sterling silver jewelry items of different kinds designed with marcasite. If you are interested into wearing this kind of jewelry piece, you can surely find it in jewelry stores near you! Web stores have also been a trend nowadays. So, if you are fund of shopping online and would like to try and look for some designs of this jewelry, you are absolutely able to find one in there.